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Wholesale Shaker Cabinet Doors Built To Fit Your Kitchen Cabinets

Wholesale Shaker Cabinet Doors Now Available To The Public

What are wholesale cabinet doors? Wholesale cabinet doors are typically cabinet doors that are only available to either resellers or larger custom cabinet shops. Most custom cabinet doors companies only sell their doors wholesale to the trade and are not available to the public. This can be frustrating to consumers since some of the more intricate and unique door designs are available wholesale only or through a dealer. There are some custom cabinet door companies that do sell their intricate and unique designs to the public at wholesale pricing. This can be a great benefit to the consumer to acquire these unique cabinet door designs. The consumer can get a very high end quality look without having to go through a vast dealer network of mark ups.

Quantity Discounts On Top Of Wholesale Prices

When purchasing wholesale cabinet doors either on the wholesale market or if you are able to find a wholesale to the public dealer, always try and purchase all the cabinet doors needed for your project. In some cases you may want to replace the cabinet doors in your entire home, kitchen, laundry, and bathroom vanities. This is where purchasing a large lot of cabinet doors will save you a lot of money. Not only will some companies be willing to offer you quantity discounts but you may be able to have all these items shipped using a freight company which can also save you money over common carriers.

Custom Cabinet Shops And Homeowners Can Save On Large Orders

Wholesale Shaker cabinet doors are also the way to go for custom cabinet makers and woodworking craftsmen that have medium to large custom cabinet projects. In the custom cabinet market the more options to save on products and supplies the better. Also by having a larger selection to provide your clients with you are able to separate yourself from the competition. Custom cabinet shops can also take advantage of these wholesale discounts as they are typically purchasing several custom cabinet door orders at a time. This is one area where using a wholesale dealer that can provide freight shipments is a true advantage.

Wholesale Shaker Cabinet Door Suppliers Have Numerous Wood Species And Larger Selections

Most wholesale Shaker cabinet door suppliers have a rather large selection of wood species to choose from. As you will find most retail cabinet door outfits can be rather limited in their selection of wood species. You will find your common paint grade cabinet doors, using either a low grade of maple, mixed wood or a low grade of alder. Your more common woods such as oak, maple, and cherry will also be offered by retail dealers. When you enter the wholesale cabinet door market you will find a vast selection of woods such as quarter sawn oaks, red and white, as well as exotics, sapele, brazillian cherry, just to name a few. Since these wholesale Shaker cabinet door dealers purchase larger quantities the lumber quality can be much higher. When purchasing large lumber lots they will typically receive the very best furniture grade material available. This not only provides a higher quality product but is much easier to work with and thereby cut down on labor costs and defects.