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Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Door Fronts: What Are Your Options?

Just what exactly are your options when it comes to Shaker kitchen cabinet door fronts? In actual fact there are several things that you are able to do, but ultimately it all depends on what you want the kitchen to look like. Choosing the correct ones will take time and it is certainly something that should not be rushed into as it can completely spoil the entire look of the kitchen. That being said, it is worth looking at the different options in more detail to help you make that all important decision.

Authentic Shaker style fronts.

First, we should look at authentic style fronts and what you will find is that it tends to use Shaker kitchen cabinet door fronts that are far more natural looking and incorporate woods such as beech and light oak as long as they are relatively pale. This style can often incorporate long handles and the doors themselves will tend to only have a slight indentation with the central panel rather than the more heavily embossed effect that is common with other styles elsewhere.

Contemporary style fronts.

As the name suggests, contemporary style fronts are going to look very modern, so obviously they are only going to be suitable in certain types of kitchens. These door fronts are often quite sleek to look at and will often be quite glossy, shiny, and use just splashes of color in order to highlight certain parts of the door. The main thing here is simplicity with straight clean cut lines and not too much decoration on the actual door itself. You may also find that it incorporates other materials with glass being the favorite and indeed there are options whereby there is no wood whatsoever with frosted glass and metal hinges looking fantastic in the right setting.

Classical style fronts.

The classical style fronts will see you buying something that can often be a bit darker in color and also use wood such as mahogany or even chestnut. These door fronts are often quite elegant in nature and are better in a kitchen where you are trying to make it feel very stylish and traditional at the same time. This style tends to use smaller handles often made of metal and quite ornate. The embossing on the doors will often be crisper and there is a general sharpness about the door fronts with this style and they do just generally feel classier to the touch. With this style you will often find that ivory or even taupe are popular colors along with black iron handles and hinges and soft lighting. When done correctly, these Shaker kitchen cabinet door fronts can make any kitchen look amazing.

How to select the right style for your kitchen.

After having initially discussed the three main styles, although clearly there are numerous styles covered within these three categories, it is a good idea to discuss how you choose the correct style for your own kitchen cabinet door fronts. Obviously you are going to have to draw inspiration from a number of sources as well as your own personal preference and by doing so you should make life so much easier for yourself when it comes to buying these new fronts.

Look at areas such as the walls, the floor, and even the lighting that you have in the room as they can all push you towards buying a certain style to ensure that it all blends in perfectly. Do you have dark slate on the floor? Perhaps consider a light modern look kitchen. A dark wooden floor? Then maybe an ivory classical door would be better. Do you have a spacious kitchen and looking for something that is quite traditional without being too over the top? Then how about a light oak colored authentic door front with long handles?

It is also worth adding that you do not even have to go for just normal wood that is either veneered or treated in order to make it shine. Instead, how about glass, metal, or even a highly coated form of plastic that looks modern and cool at the same time. Obviously this, once again, depends on the style that you are actually after, but when you choose the correct door front it really can bring the entire kitchen to life.

The budget.

Finally, we should look at the budget side of things as it stands to reason that wood such as mahogany is more expensive than the likes of beech or thin oak and this in itself will play a part in helping you to decide on the type of door that you need to buy. If you want to save money, without it having a detrimental effect on the end result, then consider buying veneer doors instead of solid wood. If you do not have a lot of money to spend and want to have a modern kitchen, then avoid those doors that are really all about the craftsmanship and instead look at aluminum or a sleek oak with handles built into the doors to achieve that modern look.

However, if you have a reasonable amount of money to spend, then there is no doubt that the classical look is the way to go. Consider incorporating several types of materials into the door, which mainly means wood and glass, and go for those classy looking handles that can just bring the door to life. Tie in the handles with the countertops to end up with a kitchen that resembles that from a show house and one that you can be proud of.

Those are your options when it comes to Shaker kitchen cabinet door fronts and all that is left for you to do is to carefully think about your requirements and the look that you hope to achieve and find a door front that fits. There are options available that suit all budgets, so even if you have next to no money to spend you should still have several door fronts to choose from. The important part to remember is that by changing them you are saving yourself a lot of money in the process anyway, so keep that in mind when you are trying to choose between several types of doors because even if they are expensive it is still less than it would have cost to replace the entire kitchen.