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Refinishing Shaker Cabinet Doors

Refinishing Shaker Cabinet Doors

History ingrained this antique kitchen with warmth and character. Vertical Grain Fir flooring and original plaster walls spoke to the pedigree in this rustic estate near the New England countryside. Terra cotta tiles were crackled as time went on. The slate hearth within the kitchen and silver alloy sink in the butler’s kitchen were original towards the 1922 home. The kitchen cabinets really needed refinishing Shaker cabinet doors to achieve the look the homeowners were after. But modern conveniences were an issue. With upkeep on their mind, the home owners hired Alan Vickers, a refinishing Shaker cabinet doors specialist that has a great vision and eye for detail. Vickers’s mission ended up being to outfit the kitchen with refinishing Shaker cabinet doors for contemporary living while remaining in keeping with its stately past. “In those days, these rooms had worktables, a sink station, along with a free standing range, he states. ”

Add Maple Butcher Block To Your Kitchen Refinishing Project

Using refinishing cabinet doors on old cabinets can be somewhat of a challenge since the cabinets do not have the built in character common today. Using fine finishes and delightful crafting, Vickers spanned the gap between new and old. The glass cabinet door china hutch, for example, was built around a current window. “We would have liked to have the hutch a bit wider but it still worked well” he describes. Instead of counters, a free standing baker’s table along with a solid maple butchers block table flanks the hutch. Both sit less than counter height to support the homes original window placement. A fetching wall mounted plate rack in highly stained walnut sits well over the sink and large banks of glass front cabinet doors on the china storage cabinet were made to resemble breakfronts. This also led to a somewhat historic, unfitted look. The large kitchen stove, a French model in pistachio eco-friendly colored paint, is really a showstopper having a personalized full layout of griddle, grills, and has gas burners. Thinking about the home’s history, Vickers understood precisely where to site it. “Houses of the period put these large old ranges on a flush slab of slate to trap sparks, he states. That explained that wherever this range is going it will be using the home’s original whitened glazed terra cotta tiles for its backdrop”

Cabinet Door Panels Help Blend The Appliances Into The Cabinets

A thick slab of honed limestone counters tops the large expansive island that provides the substrate for refinishing Shaker cabinet doors. “I figured rounding the counters edges might allow it to be more favorable to the touch, and it also it helps keep the traffic low since the sink is on one,” Vickers states. The island’s design was inspired through the table that was most likely sitting within the refinishing Shaker cabinet doors space in the front of the kitchen. “This really is supposed to resemble a work table yet accommodate what we should need today. Vickers states that keeping the vintage feel from the space sent some home appliances to concealment, using custom cabinet doors for the dishwasher panel and also the microwave was installed in the island. Today, typically, people wish to panel their fridges making them seem like furniture, however I went against that thinking, Vickers states. “With refinishing cabinet doors you can certainly have cabinet door panels made for the fridge, but we didn’t want that in this design. Flanking the opening to the walk in kitchen, the 2 refrigerators and freezers possess a carbon stainless finish. The bigger one cools drinks and snacks, as the more compact one situated nearer handles food storage. Additionally towards the walk in kitchen, the refinishing Shaker cabinet doors adorn a sunny butler’s kitchen cabinet with original glass cabinet doors, hardware, and Art Decco style cabinetry. New cabinet doors liven up a classic but operable plate warmer. The restoration also maintained pass through area by having a sliding door “It permitted the servants to pass drinks and food towards the dining area side. Vickers states. Such as the relaxation from the use of refinishing cabinet doors, it is simply a functional idea today than it was a hundred years ago.