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Refacing Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Is A Snap With New Cabinet Doors

Refacing Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Is A Snap With New Cabinet Doors

If you are considering changing the look of your refacing bathroom vanity cabinets and do not want to go through the hassle and expense of completely removing your bathroom vanity cabinet, then refacing or re-dooring may be a great inexpensive option for you.

The process is relatively simple. First off you will want to determine whether your bathroom vanity is in good enough condition for refacing bathroom vanity cabinets. For example if it has sustained severe water damage and the cabinet bottom is warped heavily or the cabinet face frame is damaged from water or wear you may consider replacing it. But if the vanity cabinet is in good enough condition to accept new doors and drawer fronts then it would make an ideal candidate for refacing or redooring.

Start by measuring the existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts so you can order new ones. There are numerous options when searching for replacement cabinet doors. Such as a simply slab cabinet door, shaker style, raised panel, and even applied moulding doors, just to name a few. One you have made your custom cabinet doors selection and have then ordered you can turn your attention to the vanity cabinet.

Start by removing the existing bathroom cabinet doors, and drawer fronts. Be sure to remove the hinges as well. Clean all surfaces that will receive paint or finish with either soapy water or a safe cleaning solution. Once all of the surfaces are clean take some fine sandpaper and light sand all the exterior surfaces. This will break down the gloss of the previous finish and help your new paint or finish adhere.

Once the surfaces are lightly sanded, use a tack cloth to remove and dust particles. Now you are ready to prime the cabinet. Use a high quality primer. This is a bathroom area subject to heat and humidity so don’t skimp on quality materials for this refacing bathroom vanity cabinets project. The primer acts as a bonding agent, it will adhere to the cabinet surfaces and will allow the top coat of paint to stick to it far better than if it were just applied to the sanded cabinet.

Once your primer has cured top coat with a durable latex enamel. Use an enamel not wall paint, this is much tougher and will offer a smooth finish. Once your done with the painting re-hang your vanity cabinet doors and your refacing bathroom vanity cabinets project is complete.