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Pre-finished Cabinet Doors: What Does It Actually Mean?

What does the term, ‘pre-finished cabinet doors’ actually mean? This is something that you will have probably come across if you are looking at renovating your kitchen, but knowing more about them prior to going ahead and spending some money is certainly going to be a good idea. Choosing the correct doors will result in your kitchen looking brand new, so what does it involve?

Basically, what it means is that the door has already been manufactured and finished off with a certain veneer or color of staining on it and all that you need to do is to simply hang the doors and your renovation project is complete. Clearly this means that buying these kinds of doors is the easy way to change your kitchen and with a number of options available to you it should never be a problem finding the perfect door for your kitchen.

The quality of the finish will also vary depending on the price of the door as the price does vary a great deal. Some versions will have a cheaper veneer, which means it is thin pieces of the desired wood overlaid on a cheaper core while still giving the impression of being an expensive wood, while more expensive doors may have intricate carvings and several layers of staining done by hand. It does mean that your budget will have an impact on the pre-finished doors that you end up buying, but even with the cheaper versions you should still be happy with the end product.

However, due to this, you are advised to buy from a quality manufacturer with a track record of producing high quality doors even with the lower priced end of their product range. By doing so, you will be able to purchase a door that is going to last for years and indeed it will probably look outdated before it needs to be replaced due to a manufacturing fault or it being damaged in some way.

The options themselves are numerous as you do have a range of woods to choose from including those that are most popular such as oak, cherry, and mahogany. You do of course then have various options when it comes to staining in order to get the perfect shade for your kitchen, so there is no reason for you to be left with a kitchen that looks disjointed. The most important part here is to take your time trying to select the correct style of door according to color, design, and finish, so some careful browsing through the product listings is essential.

Pre-finished cabinet doors are, therefore, a quick and easy way to completely change the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank or having to resort to a major overhaul of the kitchen itself. Simply choose the correct wood, the correct color or staining, and make sure that you order the correct size before hanging the doors and completing the job. Gone are the days of you needing to stain it and hope that it is balanced and not patchy and welcome in simply hanging the doors with the job finished in hours.

Pre-stained Kitchen Cabinet Doors Can Be Very Effective

There is no doubt that pre-stained kitchen cabinet doors can be an effective solution to your renovation problem. We will virtually all find ourselves looking at our old and tired kitchen and wish that we could do something to spruce it up, but at the same time we will be wary about completely ripping it apart and starting again due to the work involved. Instead, buying these cabinet doors can solve a lot of issues in next to no time as will now be explained.

First, by purchasing doors that are pre-stained you will be saving yourself the hassle of trying to stain them yourself. This particular job is one that will drive the DIY enthusiast insane due to the high likelihood of the stain running and the end result being one that is just a mess. Thanks to getting them pre-stained you know that they will be smooth, the stain will be even, and ultimately the door is going to look more attractive than it would have done if you had been involved.

Next, you are going to have a lot of different stains and colors to choose from, so you can easily completely alter the look of your kitchen by buying these doors as long as the rest of the wood in the kitchen now matches the color. The result of this is that your kitchen can instantly look fresher just by you hanging the doors and changing the drawer fronts to match and how long is that going to take you as opposed to doing several coats of staining as well as allowing the coats to dry in between?

Buying these pre-stained kitchen cabinet doors is also very useful when you are wanting to have doors that are more ornate than others. Trying to get the stain into all of those corners of carvings can be an absolute nightmare for most people as they simply do not have the technique or ability to produce something that is going to be pleasing on the eye. That particular worry is gone in an instant by purchasing this type of door and this alone should be a major reason for you to consider throwing away those paint brushes and varnishes.

Finally, you will also no longer have to worry about the wood having been treated the correct way or worrying about how the heat in the kitchen will effect it because thanks to buying from a well-established company. Instead, you can rest assured that the wood is going to be resistant to moisture and the top coat varnish is going to have also been applied correctly whereas you may have a tendency to apply a thinner coat that could result in the wood being damaged.

Pre-stained kitchen cabinet doors can undoubtedly be an effective way to completely change the way your kitchen looks and do so in an instant. Gone are the days of worrying about trying to stain things the correct way. Gone are the days where it takes you an entire day to do a door. Instead, go for the easy option and purchase a door where all of the hard work has been done for you with all that is left for you to do is to hang it and look at a job well done.

How To Choose The Correct Pre-finished Custom Cabinet Doors

When it comes to choosing the correct pre-finished custom cabinet doors for your kitchen it does mean that you need to spend some time taking several important points into consideration. The problem here is that there really are so many different options available that for some people it can be quite overwhelming, but by following these few tips life really should become a lot easier as a result.

To begin with you must think carefully about the look that you hope to achieve with your cabinets as this is going to have a direct impact on the style of custom cabinet doors that you need to buy. Do you want a modern, sleek look? How about a more traditional style door that is more ornate? It really is important to think about this as it will immediately reduce the number of options available and make things that little bit easier.

Next, think carefully about the finish. Do you want a dark look? Would you prefer a lighter wood to help brighten up a room? By actually looking at the size of your kitchen along with how much natural light filters in you should be able to narrow down your options once again. The general rule of thumb is to avoid cabinet doors that are too dark in a small and cramped kitchen as it will simply make it feel more claustrophobic whereas a large, light kitchen could ultimately result in the doors being lost in the space.

One tip that you may wish to consider using is to even take a photograph of your kitchen and show it to the company you are buying the doors from and ask their advice on what would look best according to the doors that they supply. They will be happy to advise you on this and will offer you a number of options for you to then choose from.

Finally, think about your budget because clearly that is going to be playing an integral role in the quality of the door that you are going to purchase. By all means do try to just push the boat out slightly in order to get a better quality door that is going to last that bit longer because in all honesty it does work out cheaper in the long-term. Do yourself a favor and do not simply disregard the more expensive doors, but instead look at the way they are finished, check out the quality of the product, and carefully weigh up how big a difference there is in the price as you may surprise yourself and be able to afford something better.

Those are just some of the simple tips that you really should consider following in order to select the correct pre-finished custom cabinet doors for your kitchen and you will see that there is nothing complex about it as long as you are sensible. There are so many options out there that it is impossible for you to not find something suitable, but if you have any doubts, then do ask for some expert advice to ultimately end up with something that you love.