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One Homeowner Saves Thousands By Do It Yourself Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Saves Over Complete Tear Out

I had always been searching for a way to remodel my kitchen cabinets without the vast expense of a full kitchen renovation. I had consulted several kitchen cabinet refacing professionals to have them estimate the cabinet refacing project. Well it turns out that some of them wanted to charge almost as much as completely tearing out all my cabinets would have cost. There we even a few whose estimates came in over that of the entire remodel. Most of those were associated with larger chain stores that offered kitchen cabinet refacing.

Do It Yourself Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Might Be For You

During my contemplation of whether to undertake my own kitchen cabinet refacing project I really asked myself if I liked the way my kitchen was laid out. Ive been in this home for many years and there was nothing wrong with my cabinets at all. So the actual layout was just fine, but it was in need of a serious cosmetic overhaul. The original cabinets were a darker oak finish and the hinges were old and squeaky at times. I just wanted to give my kitchen a whole new look and do it without breaking the bank so to speak.

Its Not Always Easy To Select A Cabinet Door Style

Once I knew that I wanted to keep the existing kitchen cabinets then I began my search for new kitchen cabinet doors that I can use to start my kitchen cabinet refacing project. Of course I went online and browsed the incredible selection of doors meant for kitchen cabinet refacing. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least. There are so many styles and types of doors out there. Once you have figured out what style you like then you have to determine which wood material you want. That part is not really that hard. Selecting a wood species is just based on what type of color you want to go with in the end. For example if you have oak cabinets and want to keep the oak look but want to change the stain color you can just get new oak doors and stain them to whatever you please.

Saving Even more Money With Paint Grade Doors

My actual decision was pretty simple since I ultimately went with a paint grade door for my kitchen cabinet refacing project. Once I had a style picked out I simply chose the wood species that would save me the most money and be pretty easy to paint. The purchasing and installing of the doors was very straightforward. It did take a bit of time to paint them correctly. I took my time since I did not want to have to redo them any time soon.