High Quality Custom Cabinet Doors

Custom Cabinet Doors

Custom Cabinet Doors


Looking for an affordable way to transform the look of your current kitchen cabinets?. Try custom cabinet doors as a solution for your next remodeling project. Instead of tearing out your existing kitchen cabinets and going through the time, hassle, and not to mention cost of a complete kitchen remodeling project consider ordering a complete new set of custom cabinet doors. New cabinet doors built custom for your existing kitchen cabinets is a very rapidly growing trend as a cost efficient alternative to complete kitchen remodels. Numerous factors have made this option most desirable, first and foremost the economic climate. Lets face it kitchen remodeling and more specifically kitchen cabinet replacement can be very expensive. Along with declining real estate home values you need to make sure you get the most bang for your buck so to speak.


Paint Grade Cabinet Doors


You may be wondering if replacing your kitchen cabinet doors with new custom built cabinet doors is expensive or difficult. The answer is not at all. Having custom cabinet doors made for your current kitchen cabinets is very economical. By far the simplest and least expensive way to go is to use a paint grade cabinet door. There are a wide variety of options for paintable cabinet doors. The first is by using a product known as MDF. MDF can be shaped, cut and manufactured into beautiful cabinet doors. Although this is a fiberboard product, you would be very hard pressed to identify it as MDF once it is properly painted. There are numerous variations on the MDF cabinet door such as, a basic MDF slab door, one piece routered MDF cabinet door, and our preference Poplar wood frame doors that use a MDF center panel. Poplar wood is used for its great painting characteristics and durability along with an economical center panel made from MDF. Other woods can be used for the cabinet door frame, but Poplar is very affordable, and if you are going to be painting the door, no need to use and cover up expensive hardwoods such as cherry or walnut.


Solid Wood Cabinet Doors


If a painted finish is not what you are looking for in your custom cabinet doors remodeling project, you may want to seek out for solid wood stain grade cabinet doors. When a clear or stained finish is desired this will be your best option. Solid woods range from light to dark and most woods can be stained and finished any color. Obviously make a naturally dark wood lighter is usually not recommended and can require various bleaches and lightening agents. We also recommend if possible finding a wood that naturally matches the look and color you desire, that will speed up your staining and finishing time greatly.


Cabinet Door Styles


There are literally endless styles of custom cabinet doors. You are only limited by your imagination. Cabinet doors can be made in a very basic flat slab design, which is nothing more than a flat piece of wood. There are also inset panel cabinet doors, raised panel doors, bead board, vee groove, arched top, applied moulding, the list goes on. So whether you’re planning a large scale cabinet refacing project for you whole house, or just a simple update to that hall bathroom vanity, new custom cabinet doors may just be the right solution for you.