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Refinishing Shaker Cabinet Doors

Refinishing Shaker Cabinet Doors

History ingrained this antique kitchen with warmth and character. Vertical Grain Fir flooring and original plaster walls spoke to the pedigree in this rustic estate near the New England countryside. Terra cotta tiles were crackled as time went on. The slate hearth within the kitchen and silver alloy sink in the butler’s kitchen were original towards the 1922 home. The kitchen cabinets really needed refinishing Shaker cabinet doors to achieve the look the homeowners were after. But modern conveniences were an issue. With upkeep on their mind, the home owners hired Alan Vickers, a refinishing Shaker cabinet doors specialist that has a great vision and eye for detail. Vickers’s mission ended up being to outfit the kitchen with refinishing Shaker cabinet doors for contemporary living while remaining in keeping with its stately past. “In those days, these rooms had worktables, a sink station, along with a free standing range, he states. ”

Add Maple Butcher Block To Your Kitchen Refinishing Project

Using refinishing cabinet doors on old cabinets can be somewhat of a challenge since the cabinets do not have the built in character common today. Using fine finishes and delightful crafting, Vickers spanned the gap between new and old. The glass cabinet door china hutch, for example, was built around a current window. “We would have liked to have the hutch a bit wider but it still worked well” he describes. Instead of counters, a free standing baker’s table along with a solid maple butchers block table flanks the hutch. Both sit less than counter height to support the homes original window placement. A fetching wall mounted plate rack in highly stained walnut sits well over the sink and large banks of glass front cabinet doors on the china storage cabinet were made to resemble breakfronts. This also led to a somewhat historic, unfitted look. The large kitchen stove, a French model in pistachio eco-friendly colored paint, is really a showstopper having a personalized full layout of griddle, grills, and has gas burners. Thinking about the home’s history, Vickers understood precisely where to site it. “Houses of the period put these large old ranges on a flush slab of slate to trap sparks, he states. That explained that wherever this range is going it will be using the home’s original whitened glazed terra cotta tiles for its backdrop”

Cabinet Door Panels Help Blend The Appliances Into The Cabinets

A thick slab of honed limestone counters tops the large expansive island that provides the substrate for refinishing Shaker cabinet doors. “I figured rounding the counters edges might allow it to be more favorable to the touch, and it also it helps keep the traffic low since the sink is on one,” Vickers states. The island’s design was inspired through the table that was most likely sitting within the refinishing Shaker cabinet doors space in the front of the kitchen. “This really is supposed to resemble a work table yet accommodate what we should need today. Vickers states that keeping the vintage feel from the space sent some home appliances to concealment, using custom cabinet doors for the dishwasher panel and also the microwave was installed in the island. Today, typically, people wish to panel their fridges making them seem like furniture, however I went against that thinking, Vickers states. “With refinishing cabinet doors you can certainly have cabinet door panels made for the fridge, but we didn’t want that in this design. Flanking the opening to the walk in kitchen, the 2 refrigerators and freezers possess a carbon stainless finish. The bigger one cools drinks and snacks, as the more compact one situated nearer handles food storage. Additionally towards the walk in kitchen, the refinishing Shaker cabinet doors adorn a sunny butler’s kitchen cabinet with original glass cabinet doors, hardware, and Art Decco style cabinetry. New cabinet doors liven up a classic but operable plate warmer. The restoration also maintained pass through area by having a sliding door “It permitted the servants to pass drinks and food towards the dining area side. Vickers states. Such as the relaxation from the use of refinishing cabinet doors, it is simply a functional idea today than it was a hundred years ago.

Poplar Frame With MDF Panel Cabinet Doors Can Be A Great Alternative

Poplar Frame With MDF Panel Cabinet Doors Can Be A Great Alternative
What are Poplar frame with MDF panel cabinet doors? They are doors that have a solid wood frame, also called stiles (vertical pieces) and rails (horizontal pieces) that surrounds an MDF center panel. This is really the best of both worlds for paint grade cabinet doors. It provides you with the strength and rigidity of a solid wood frame with the economy of an MDF center panel. While custom cabinet doors can be made in solid MDF or even 5 piece MDF this combination gives you a lot of strength and the extra holding power for hinge mounding screws. By using this combination of Poplar frame with MDF panel cabinet doors you have virtually limitless possibilities for cabinet door styles and designs. Most designs, such as Shaker style, bead board, raised panel, and even applied moulding cabinet doors can be produced with an MDF center panel. This is an ideal way to save money on your new paint grade custom cabinet doors and get the look that you desire. Although this use of combining a Poplar frame with MDF panel cabinet doors is certainly not new to the custom cabinet door industry, we feel it will continue to gain in popularity as an affordable upgrade from solid MDF and 5 piece MDF cabinet doors.
Wood other than the previously mentioned Poplar wood can also be used for wood and MDF panel cabinet doors. Quite commonly a lower grade of Alder wood, hard and soft Maple, or just about any smooth grained hardwood will work just fine for this application. There are also other options such as mixed hardwoods used for the frame of these types of doors that are potential cost saving ways to used scrap or off cuts in order to reduce final door costs. No matter what actual wood you decide to go with for your paint grade custom cabinet doors, Poplar frame with MDF panel cabinet doors are something worth considering for your next cabinet reface or cabinet updating project.

One Homeowner Saves Thousands By Do It Yourself Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Saves Over Complete Tear Out

I had always been searching for a way to remodel my kitchen cabinets without the vast expense of a full kitchen renovation. I had consulted several kitchen cabinet refacing professionals to have them estimate the cabinet refacing project. Well it turns out that some of them wanted to charge almost as much as completely tearing out all my cabinets would have cost. There we even a few whose estimates came in over that of the entire remodel. Most of those were associated with larger chain stores that offered kitchen cabinet refacing.

Do It Yourself Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Might Be For You

During my contemplation of whether to undertake my own kitchen cabinet refacing project I really asked myself if I liked the way my kitchen was laid out. Ive been in this home for many years and there was nothing wrong with my cabinets at all. So the actual layout was just fine, but it was in need of a serious cosmetic overhaul. The original cabinets were a darker oak finish and the hinges were old and squeaky at times. I just wanted to give my kitchen a whole new look and do it without breaking the bank so to speak.

Its Not Always Easy To Select A Cabinet Door Style

Once I knew that I wanted to keep the existing kitchen cabinets then I began my search for new kitchen cabinet doors that I can use to start my kitchen cabinet refacing project. Of course I went online and browsed the incredible selection of doors meant for kitchen cabinet refacing. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least. There are so many styles and types of doors out there. Once you have figured out what style you like then you have to determine which wood material you want. That part is not really that hard. Selecting a wood species is just based on what type of color you want to go with in the end. For example if you have oak cabinets and want to keep the oak look but want to change the stain color you can just get new oak doors and stain them to whatever you please.

Saving Even more Money With Paint Grade Doors

My actual decision was pretty simple since I ultimately went with a paint grade door for my kitchen cabinet refacing project. Once I had a style picked out I simply chose the wood species that would save me the most money and be pretty easy to paint. The purchasing and installing of the doors was very straightforward. It did take a bit of time to paint them correctly. I took my time since I did not want to have to redo them any time soon.

New Replacement Custom Cabinet Doors

New Replacement Custom Cabinet Doors


Candice from Fort Worth, Texas Writes: Recently this summer, I was looking to remodel my kitchen. More of just an update. I didnt want to go through the hassle and expense of completely gutting out the kitchen cabinets and installing new countertops, etc. So we got several estimates from various local contractors and determined that they were too expensive. We even called out several refacing companies and found out their prices were higher than contractors, some were simply outrageous. So, we decided to take this on as a do it yourself project. We have done various do it yourself projects in the past. So, we determined that this would be within the scope of our abilities. First, we begin by measuring all of the doors and door fronts to get an initial cost on our custom cabinet door order. The cabinet door boxes were in good enough condition that we could reuse them, but the cabinet door hinges were old and did not keep the doors aligned with each other and were the non adjustable type, so we knew we were going to have to get new ones. With a little research, we found that we can order European 35mm cabinet door hinges already drilled into the door and they would arrive along with new doors. Our original door style was a raised panel oak had been repainted. Now, we decided to update it with a paint grade shaker style door. These doors are very affordable and make a great do it yourself project. Our current cabinet cases luckily were built with plywood probably dating back to sometime in the 1980’s. Once we received our new replacement custom cabinet doors, we simply hung them on the cabinet frames and a few hours of carefully painting and it looks like we spent thousands on new custom cabinets.

New Oak Kitchen Cabinet Doors Compliment This French Country Style Home

New Oak Kitchen Cabinet Doors Compliment This French Country Style Home

This Atlanta area house is a couple of years of age; however, you wouldn’t reckon that from inspecting the oak kitchen cabinet doors. Susan and Jim Tompson’s chateau inspired cooking and entertaining space reflects Susan’s interest in “the old world” style. “I needed it to appear as if you may be relaxing in a kitchen with oak kitchen cabinet doors within the French countryside,” she states. Susan, who developed a love for French style whilst in the antiques business, came from experience to produce this new area. She stored favorite features from the previous oak kitchen cabinet doors remodeling project, together with a farmhouse sink and added elements she’d always wanted, like a banquette, a built in coffee maker, and dual fridges. “We’ve got 4 children, so there is never enough room for drinks and food,” Susan states. “Getting dual fridges will work for the household as well as for entertaining.”

Add Color To Your Kitchen Along With Natural Wood Flooring

Susan worked with interior designer Jim Baker. “We would have liked to produce a soft, elegant look that will be also comfortable and casual enough for your loved ones to savor,” Baker states. In keeping with a conventional country French color scheme, the happy couple decided on a peaceful mixture of soft blue, cream, and taupe. Toile draperies and Susan’s assortment of hand glazed pottery increase the French accent from the surroundings. Pine ceiling beams, custom cabinet doors have an antiqued finish, textured plaster walls, and wide plank hickory flooring impart aged elegance. From the beginning, Susan understood she wanted a classic old stove set right into a limestone alcove. Baker produced an awesome backdrop for that old look range with large hand colored scenery tiles, small variety tiles, along with a checkerboard of area tile within the room’s soft blue and cream hues.

Bins And Custom Shelving Add To This Kitchens Functionality

Susan was less concerning regarding the counter tops. “Within my last house, I’d granite counter tops, but granite wasn’t suitable for these beautiful oak kitchen cabinet doors,” she states. “I could not locate one that looked endured enough for that look I was attempting to achieve. So this is when I discovered colored concrete. It was built with a nice matte finish, and it is color changes because of its age range. It’ll get fine cracks, but that is a part of its beauty.” The nice and cozy, beige tinted concrete tops the perimeter cabinets and also the blue colored island, that the Thompson’s frequently use like a serving buffet once they entertain. While large in scale, the large kitchen island cabinet is less imposing and much more inviting with a gentle inward curve that benefits additional seating. Pullout bins and built-in shelves, which hold cook books and pottery, add modern function towards the island’s old look beauty. That combination helps make the island, such as the relaxation from the oak kitchen cabinet doors, an ideal fit for that family’s lifestyle. “It’s where everybody gathers,” Susan states. “It is so wonderful. We dont feel cramped.”

New Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Doors

New Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Doors Can Save Remodeling Costs

Have your old kitchen cabinet doors got you down? If you have been dealing with the dark out dated look of your kitchen cabinets for a long time then here is a possible solution to your situation. A trend that has been growing ever stronger since the downturn of the economy is replacing your kitchen cabinet doors. Replacing kitchen cabinet doors can be a do it yourself project and has been proven to be very cost effective. This trend of cabinet door replacement is still continuing. While still al lot of people are remodeling their entire kitchen cabinets door replacement is the choice of a lot of folks.

Solid Kitchen Cabinets Work Well For New Shaker Cabinet Doors

In a lot of cases the cabinets will usually be in good enough shape to accept new cabinet doors. You will have to make the actual determination as to whether it makes sense to keep your existing cabinets. If your current cabinet layout of the kitchen cabinet is something that works for you that’s a plus. Other considerations to look for are things such as heavily damaged areas or perhaps water damage. Water damage is more likely in sink base cabinets, but can occur in many places in the kitchen. Once you make the choice whether replacing kitchen cabinet doors is right for you can start the next step, measuring.

Measuring For Your New Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Doors

One of the more important tasks involved with replacing kitchen cabinet doors is careful measurements of your new cabinet doors. Taking the extra time to measure accurately will save you a tremendous amount of time in the long run. Most cabinet door designs can be considered affordable, its not something you want to have to buy a second time. Sloppy measurements will cost money and time, take the time to do it properly. It will make your project go much smoother.

Vast Cabinet Door Selection When Buying New Cabinet Doors

When selecting new Shaker kitchen cabinet doors for your kitchen refacing project you will find a vast selection of door designs and styles. The cabinet door aftermarket will hold a large selection of designs; this is a great advantage to get that truly custom look to your kitchen. You can get the exact door style that you have been dreaming about for your kitchen, something that is not commonly available in stock kitchen cabinets. With these large selections of door styles you can give your kitchen a high end appearance for a fraction of the cost.

MDF For Cabinet Doors Explained

MDF For Cabinet Doors Explained

What is MDF? MDF is an acronym for Medium Density Fiberboard. It is made by breaking down left over pieces of hardwood and softwoods into small wood fibers, it is then mixed with resins and formed into flat sheets under heat and pressure. MDF is significantly stronger and denser than particle board, particle board uses larger chips of wood and has a coarser finish. Particle board is sometimes used for cabinet doors, but it is at the very low end, commonly found in high volume and imported cabinets and in our opinion should be avoided. Most cabinet door manufactures use MDF and that will be the focus of this article.

Using MDF For Cabinet Doors Has Many Advantages

MDF is used for a wide variety items, such as cabinet cases, moulding, shelving, and is also available with a wood veneer or melamine coatings. MDF makes a great affordable paint grade material for cabinet doors. Although when using MDF for cabinet doors MDF is usually always painted it can accept a faux finish using a gel stain along with graining tools to simulate the look of wood. We have also seen in some commercial applications MDF being clear coated for use as displays or other commercial store fixtures.

Using MDF for cabinet doors has a few trade offs compared to solid wood. One is cut MDF or MDF that is exposed usually will have a very slight “fuzzy” surface that can be smoothed out with fine sandpaper. This is always recommended prior to painting. For most applications a good quality coat of primer, followed by a light fine sanding will smooth out the MDF very nicely awaiting the final coat of enamel. Another trade off is weight MDF is very heavy in sheet form. This is usually not a concern for cabinet doors, some people like the heavy feel of cabinet doors as it tends to have a solid feel to opening and closing the cabinet doors.

Overall using MDF for cabinet doors is here to stay as an affordable alternative to solid wood and veneer core sheet products. Its ease of workability and paint-ability make it a good alternative for custom cabinet door construction.

Kitchen Refacing Ideas That Are Affordable

Fresh Kitchen Refacing Ideas That Will Transform A Kitchen Space

Relaxing in the architectural space that will end up being the supply of many kitchen refacing ideas in this Colonial home, designer Tara Elnore was bathed in shadow even before home windows. Beyond, however, sits a wind-ruffled wetland along with a pond that shown to outdoors skies “I needed to create that feeling inside and make up new kitchen refacing ideas that will feel warm and sunny, but nonetheless fresh, just like a summer time breeze,” Elnore states. “The area faces northwest, so there is no light until 2 p.m. I understood I needed to add light however I could.” Her solution ended up being to drench the area in colored materials. With a whitened-and-blue palette”which nearly everybody does paperwork here,” she states Elnore chose cabinetry having a custard yellow finish to radiate warmth. She selected yellow for the walls and ceiling, too, adding a wealthy brown glaze for that ” old world ” flavor. For awesome contrast, using kitchen refacing ideas on the island that wears a scratched teal finish will subtly recall the ocean. “The look is about the atmosphere,” Elnore states.

Kitchen Refacing Ideas With A Cottage Flair

Initially a barn and boat shed, the home was lately changed right into a cedar plank-shingle cottage by architect Steve Olson. “They were accustomed to repair motorboats in which this kitchen space has become,” Elnore states. The brand new home combines a relaxed rusticity with traditional style. Old pine wood planks lie underfoot, endured beams (most of them decorative) stretch overhead, along with a massive stone fire place presents itself to even more kitchen refacing ideas. Elnore’s colorful arrangement for the kitchen refacing ideas needed to rhyme with this particular natural plan. She chose hand colored alder wood cabinets featuring such furniture particulars as rope style pilasters and handmade face frames. In France the cast-iron range is really a lucky find, virtually identical colored finish towards the cabinets. Perimeter counter tops are eco-friendly marble having a honed, undulating surface. “They are not perfectly smooth,” Elnore states. “They are just a little wavy, but place anything in it your cup or wineglass is not likely to fall over. It’s a fascinating, very natural surface, also it looks like the ocean.” The countertops’ simple, squared-off pencil edge allows the stone function as the focus. The island’s multilayer finish includes a hint of verdigris, so Elnore understood copper will be a perfect accent one she lavishly applied through the room. “The copper adds light and texture,” she states.

Consider Your Counter Choice When Thinking About A Kitchen Reface

The 4×6-feet island includes a copper counter top, in addition to a hammered copper sink. The big apron front sink within the cleanup zone is copper, too, much like the taps. Finally, copper insets embellish a tile mural over the range. Some might fear the repair of copper especially on the counter top but that is no problem, Elnore states. “You will find a lot of cleaning items currently available that copper is okay for everyday use,” she states. Now 3 years old, the area top has got the lovely patina of the well worn cent. Copper isn’t a good cutting surface, however, so Elnore parked a moving butchers block trolley at one finish from the island and filled the cupboards with lots of cutting boards. An extensive bank of home windows, a wide range hood, and built-inches for that two fridges left couple of possibilities for wall cabinets. Nevertheless, the 13×16-feet room comes complete with quick access storage. Deep drawers at one finish from the island hold everyday plates, only a quick turn in the dishwasher. Near by opposite the fridges and microwave more island cabinets stow cups and everyday glasses. “It’s arranged to get something to consume, or warmth something in the microwave, without interfering in the kitchen area area,” Elnore states. “These kitchen refacing ideas can easily benefits two cooks.” The area takes full benefit of its island setting, even if fog shrouds the shoreline. “Inside these kitchen refacing ideas, Personally I think many will create their dream kitchen,” Elnore states. “It is refreshing.”

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinet doors are always going to be the very first thing you see when walking into just about any kitchen. Depending on the style of kitchen cabinet doors you currently have you may well be a very good candidate for replacing those cabinet doors with brand new ones. During the course of our lives the kitchen area and especially the cabinet doors get a lot of abuse. Not to mention they are subjected to steam, humidity, food splatters, oils, just to name a few. But your kitchen cabinet doors do not need to look worn out and shabby. They can be relatively easy to replace with a few basic tools you will be well on your way to a brand new look to your kitchen.

New kitchen cabinet doors can be custom built to fit your kitchen cabinets exactly. There really is no way to find stock cabinet doors. More specifically there are no such thing as stock sized cabinet doors that you can purchase for an aftermarket application. All cabinet manufacturers  build cabinet doors to fit the cabinet boxes and face frame for their cabinets. So for the most part you will have to have your new kitchen cabinet doors built to fit your kitchen cabinets. This is a very easy process.

Custom Cabinet Doors

Custom Cabinet Doors


Looking for an affordable way to transform the look of your current kitchen cabinets?. Try custom cabinet doors as a solution for your next remodeling project. Instead of tearing out your existing kitchen cabinets and going through the time, hassle, and not to mention cost of a complete kitchen remodeling project consider ordering a complete new set of custom cabinet doors. New cabinet doors built custom for your existing kitchen cabinets is a very rapidly growing trend as a cost efficient alternative to complete kitchen remodels. Numerous factors have made this option most desirable, first and foremost the economic climate. Lets face it kitchen remodeling and more specifically kitchen cabinet replacement can be very expensive. Along with declining real estate home values you need to make sure you get the most bang for your buck so to speak.


Paint Grade Cabinet Doors


You may be wondering if replacing your kitchen cabinet doors with new custom built cabinet doors is expensive or difficult. The answer is not at all. Having custom cabinet doors made for your current kitchen cabinets is very economical. By far the simplest and least expensive way to go is to use a paint grade cabinet door. There are a wide variety of options for paintable cabinet doors. The first is by using a product known as MDF. MDF can be shaped, cut and manufactured into beautiful cabinet doors. Although this is a fiberboard product, you would be very hard pressed to identify it as MDF once it is properly painted. There are numerous variations on the MDF cabinet door such as, a basic MDF slab door, one piece routered MDF cabinet door, and our preference Poplar wood frame doors that use a MDF center panel. Poplar wood is used for its great painting characteristics and durability along with an economical center panel made from MDF. Other woods can be used for the cabinet door frame, but Poplar is very affordable, and if you are going to be painting the door, no need to use and cover up expensive hardwoods such as cherry or walnut.


Solid Wood Cabinet Doors


If a painted finish is not what you are looking for in your custom cabinet doors remodeling project, you may want to seek out for solid wood stain grade cabinet doors. When a clear or stained finish is desired this will be your best option. Solid woods range from light to dark and most woods can be stained and finished any color. Obviously make a naturally dark wood lighter is usually not recommended and can require various bleaches and lightening agents. We also recommend if possible finding a wood that naturally matches the look and color you desire, that will speed up your staining and finishing time greatly.


Cabinet Door Styles


There are literally endless styles of custom cabinet doors. You are only limited by your imagination. Cabinet doors can be made in a very basic flat slab design, which is nothing more than a flat piece of wood. There are also inset panel cabinet doors, raised panel doors, bead board, vee groove, arched top, applied moulding, the list goes on. So whether you’re planning a large scale cabinet refacing project for you whole house, or just a simple update to that hall bathroom vanity, new custom cabinet doors may just be the right solution for you.