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How To Use Refacing Cabinet Doors Even As A Beginner

How To Use Refacing Cabinet Doors Even As A Beginner
Is your kitchen looking tired and in need of being updated? Do you not have the spare cash to make wholesale changes, but still desire to do something to make the room look different? If this sounds like your own situation, then there is a cheaper option available and it is one that only requires the most basic of DIY skills.This approach involves you refacing the cabinets and this is a lot easier than you think. That being said, you may now be wondering about how to do cabinet refacing and if this is indeed the case, then the following tips for beginners may prove to be rather useful.
What does refacing mean and what are its advantages?
To begin with we should look at what refacing actually means and what you will find is that it is a term used when you change the top veneer of the cabinet including the doors, trim, sides, and anything else that is visible to people. This veneer can also then be stained in order to get the perfect shade although at times this is not required.
There are a number of advantages of refacing apart from the fact that it does cost approximately half of what it would be if you had decided to completely replace the cabinets. It does of course cause less hassle and the job can be completed in a fraction of the time. It will also not stop you from using the kitchen as it is merely the facings that are removed and you can also work on sections at a time rather than the entire thing being ripped out. The only thing that it cannot do is to fix a bad kitchen layout, so only ever see this as a freshening up option.
Can your cabinets be refaced?
Obviously before you go ahead and start doing the work it makes sense to check that your cabinets can indeed be refaced and basically all you are looking for is that the cabinet boxes are still structurally sound and are not damaged in any way. If there is damage, then clearly that is going to be a weak point and in this instance you would be advised to buy a new cabinet rather than refacing. You should also avoid doing it if the cabinet has been damaged by water and if you are refacing a cheap cabinet box then do note that it is going to take a lot more work to ensure that the new veneer stays on and there is the risk of damaging the door itself when it is being applied.
The options available.

The hardest part is trying to decide on what the finished result should look like, but to help you decide there are several areas to examine. First, look at the room itself for inspiration. If the room is small and does not have a lot of light, then the best advice is to avoid dark colors as they will only make the room feel even smaller and darker.

Instead, in this instance go for a lighter shade as it will reflect what little light there is. The result? A room that feels bigger than it actually is and every kitchen should always feel alive and spacious and how the cabinets look will play a big role in achieving this feeling.
What you will discover when looking at new veneers is that you can choose from a range of colors as well as patterns, grains, and even textures. This does mean that there are countless options out there, so after you have decided on whether it is to be light or dark do then spend time browsing through all of these additional options to finally be able to select the veneer that is perfect for you.
So what about the actual materials themselves? There are three options available as you could go for thin strips of real wood applied to the surface, but do note that this is the most expensive option and you must make sure that the wood has already been treated in order to withstand heat and moisture. The second option is thin plastic laminate and this has the added advantages of being able to offer you a number of designs to choose from, it is cheaper than wood, and it can cope with moisture as long as it is applied correctly. The final option is called rigid thermo foil doors and basically this involves you replacing the door with something new that has a thin coating over fiberboard and this is the cheapest option, and the easiest to apply, out of all three.
The first step to refacing your cabinets.
The first thing that you need to do is to remove all of the doors, drawers, and every piece of hardware possible. This should leave you with just the inner framework of the kitchen cabinets, but one important point to make is that if the facings are very raised or contain quite a lot of detail, then it could be easier for a beginner to buy an identical unfinished door and stain it the same as the rest of the kitchen.
However, if that is not the case, then the first step is to sand all of the faces and this means both the front as well as the sides. One important point to make is that there is no need to completely sand off the original layer as the main idea here is to simply break up the older veneer to then give the new surface something to bond to. This means that the new surface should appear smoother, but there is more work to be done before getting to that stage. Look at using a medium grade sandpaper at the start, then use a damp cloth to remove any dust that has gathered before finishing the job with a smoother sandpaper. Once again, you need to wipe it down as the surface has to be clean before you start to apply the veneer.
After you have sanded it down, do thoroughly check the piece of wood for any damage or marks that need to be treated before proceeding any further. If there are any depressions, then you can use wood putty or filler, but do remember to add it evenly across the damaged area to create a flat surface or the veneer will really show up any marks and of course by the time you have applied it you will find it is too late to change anything. The preparation stage really is very important as this is where you can make sure that everything looks perfect when the job is completed, so never rush it or you will regret it later on.
Have a test run before working on main areas.
Applying the new veneer to the sanded surface should not pose too many problems. However, it is still a good idea to practice before getting too advanced and applying to areas that will be seen by everybody as your mistakes will be on show all of the time. The best piece of advice that can be given is to try it on the back of a facing as this will not only allow you to work on your technique, but also check that you do indeed like the color before it is too late. Use this time to work on applying the glue, understanding how much pressure has to be applied, and also have a shot at staining to see if your technique is up to scratch.
With the veneer you are advised to use wood glue rather than anything else and make sure that you apply a thin layer across the entire surface. This is important as it should help to eliminate the possibility of the new veneer rising up in the middle of the panel. The entire thing should now sit flush against the surface, but to give a professional finish you should pin it into place by using a nail gun. This should hold it firmly in place and the new veneer should now look as if it was always there.
One additional point that has to be made is that there are plastic laminate veneers that have their own adhesive backing and in the case of these items you simply have to press it into place. If you do buy this version, then always start at the top of the wood and press down rather than what a number of people do, which is to work on the four corners and press on the middle at the end.
When pining it in place it is important that you make sure that the heads of the nails, which do have to be very small, are now below the surface of the veneer itself. One final tip with the nailing is to actually start at the top of the surface and slowly work your way down. This will help to eliminate the possibility of bubbles appearing which would of course completely ruin the effect you are looking for. Repeat this process with all of the side panels and then plane every single item to ensure that no extra veneer is sticking above the edges. Do note that you may have to trim some with a knife, so keep the blade sharp in order to get as clean a cut as possible.
The cabinet doors.

After tackling the side panels, you should then turn your attention to the actual cabinet doors. When it comes to applying veneer to the doors you should then concentrate on any rails and horizontal pieces first. By doing so it will ultimately make the job so much easier as you can then accurately cut out the vertical pieces to then make sure that it all fits together nicely. Obviously the measuring and cutting is very important so check and double check your measurements to eliminate the chances of there being any tiny gaps appearing anywhere on the door.
Once all of the veneer has been applied you must turn your attention to the heads of the pins as there will be slight indentations and they need to be filled to give a nice smooth finish. The easiest way to do this is to apply some wood putty, but make sure that it perfectly matches the color of the stain you will be using. After applying, allow it to dry before giving it a light sand just to smooth it out and remove any extra putty. When sanding, consider using a block as this will allow you to apply pressure evenly across the surface and result in a better finish.
The staining.
When it comes to the staining there are certain things which you need to do to ensure you do not run into any difficulties. However, before staining you do of course need to choose the color and this does go back to the point made earlier about the importance of both the light levels as well as the size of the room. Use other wood as your guide as the stains will match them perfectly and then either use an old paint brush or grab an old rag instead in order to apply it.
The first parts that you need to do are the openings along with all of the inside edges as they need to be given the longest time to dry to prevent the cabinets from sticking. Always apply quite a thick coat, then with the rag wipe away any excess that may be on there to then leave quite an even coat. Pay attention to the tin and see how long it recommends for you to wait before applying the second coat and always do so to get the best possible finish.

After these two areas, you should then turn your attention to the actual doors themselves along with the drawer fronts. Obviously you need to be good at staining here as everybody will see your work, so do use the inner edges as a test to see how good you actually are.

When it comes to the staining you should always build the layers up gradually rather than trying to put on too much too quickly. The problem with applying a thick coat is that it is easy for you to make the wood too dark and when this is the case you are going to have to strip everything back down to the natural wood and begin the whole process again.
Always start with just one distinct area on the door and use just enough stain to wet the rag, but not enough for it to drip. Apply it by rubbing it on in a circular fashion and take your time to make sure that it does actually get into all of those little notches and grooves in the wood.
After applying this first coat, go back over the same area again with just the same amount of stain on the rag and work it into the grain to make sure that every part is covered. Repeat this over the entire door or drawer front and continue to add thin layers until you are happy with the finished color. If you have any intricate design, then do consider using a fine paintbrush, even one that is used by artists will work, and use the same technique of applying thin layers at a time and always, wherever possible, work with the grain rather than against it.
Once you are happy with the finished result and you see that there is an even covering across the entire door you are best to leave it to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before then applying some clear varnish to seal the door and to really bring that color to life. If done correctly, you should now see every detail of the wood and can see how beautiful it actually is.
The finishing touches.

After you have finished applying the new veneer and staining, all you need to do is to change the handles to something that fits in with the new look and the job is done. Applying handles is a simple enough job as they simply screw into place and take just a matter of minutes to do. You may also want to go one stage further and look at buying different hinges that tie in with the style of the cabinet as you can buy versions that are modern looking as well as traditional, but your main cause for concern has to be that they are the correct size.

The summary.
What you should now see is that it is actually quite an easy job to reface cabinets and as long as you can follow simple instructions there really should be no problems whatsoever. Yes this is a job that requires patience and a steady hand, but once it has been finished your kitchen will look brand new. The fact that it costs a fraction of the price of a complete renovation is merely an added bonus. The tools you need are minimal and the hardest part should always be trying to decide on the veneer and stain itself, so take your time with deciding and you should ultimately be over the moon at the end result.
If you do find yourself in trouble, then there are a number of professionals out there who are able to help you, or alternatively do consult videos online where they can walk you through the steps visually with this perhaps making the entire job that bit easier.

Refacing Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Is A Snap With New Cabinet Doors

Refacing Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Is A Snap With New Cabinet Doors

If you are considering changing the look of your refacing bathroom vanity cabinets and do not want to go through the hassle and expense of completely removing your bathroom vanity cabinet, then refacing or re-dooring may be a great inexpensive option for you.

The process is relatively simple. First off you will want to determine whether your bathroom vanity is in good enough condition for refacing bathroom vanity cabinets. For example if it has sustained severe water damage and the cabinet bottom is warped heavily or the cabinet face frame is damaged from water or wear you may consider replacing it. But if the vanity cabinet is in good enough condition to accept new doors and drawer fronts then it would make an ideal candidate for refacing or redooring.

Start by measuring the existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts so you can order new ones. There are numerous options when searching for replacement cabinet doors. Such as a simply slab cabinet door, shaker style, raised panel, and even applied moulding doors, just to name a few. One you have made your custom cabinet doors selection and have then ordered you can turn your attention to the vanity cabinet.

Start by removing the existing bathroom cabinet doors, and drawer fronts. Be sure to remove the hinges as well. Clean all surfaces that will receive paint or finish with either soapy water or a safe cleaning solution. Once all of the surfaces are clean take some fine sandpaper and light sand all the exterior surfaces. This will break down the gloss of the previous finish and help your new paint or finish adhere.

Once the surfaces are lightly sanded, use a tack cloth to remove and dust particles. Now you are ready to prime the cabinet. Use a high quality primer. This is a bathroom area subject to heat and humidity so don’t skimp on quality materials for this refacing bathroom vanity cabinets project. The primer acts as a bonding agent, it will adhere to the cabinet surfaces and will allow the top coat of paint to stick to it far better than if it were just applied to the sanded cabinet.

Once your primer has cured top coat with a durable latex enamel. Use an enamel not wall paint, this is much tougher and will offer a smooth finish. Once your done with the painting re-hang your vanity cabinet doors and your refacing bathroom vanity cabinets project is complete.

New Shaker Cabinet Doors: When Do You Need Them?



New Shaker Cabinet Doors: When Do You Need Them?

At what point should you seriously consider getting new Shaker cabinet doors?

In actual fact there are several reasons as to why you may be actively looking at changing the way your kitchen looks and doing some home improvement and if you want to alter the look of the room in next to no time, then getting new doors is one way to achieve this. By doing so, you will be saving yourself a lot of money and hassle compared to what would happen if you ripped out everything and started again. Instead, the job can be completed in a matter of hours, even with the most basic of DIY skills, and all of this without all of that upheaval, but when should you change them?

The kitchen looks outdated.

The first reason is that the kitchen may look rather outdated as fashions do come and go even with Shaker cabinet doors and your kitchen. It is important to remember that the kitchen can often be the heart of the home especially if you entertain on a regular basis, so having one that looks old can certainly make you feel a lot worse about your entire home and not just this room.

The type of wood that is used can change, the color of the wood, the design of the doors, all of these things can make a difference and result in you feeling that your kitchen is stuck in the past. There is no doubt that this can then become quite depressing, so why not keep all of the side panels and freshen it up with new doors that look amazing?

You are planning on selling your home

Following on from the idea of the kitchen looking outdated, it is also a good idea to install new Shaker cabinet doors if you are planning on selling your home. By doing this, you can actually add some value to your home as it is known that a good looking kitchen is loved by potential buyers as they see that it is one big home renovation job that they no longer have to do. If your cabinet doors do indeed look old, or if they are over the top in their design, then change them for something new and slick looking to make it easier for potential buyers to see themselves socializing in the room.

They are damaged in some way

Clearly another major reason is due to them being damaged in some way and there are several things that could go wrong. First, if they were not treated in the correct way at the start, then some of the doors may warp and twist because of the heat in the kitchen and this will clearly pose a problem. This is actually made worse when you have previously gone for the cheap option as this moisture will work under the top layer of the door and start to make the veneer lift.

Your personal preferences change

Finally, there is also the fact that for some people they just get fed up of looking at the same thing every single day, so to save money, and to prevent boredom, it is also a good idea to just freshen it up by changing the doors and drawer fronts. As has already been mentioned it is also going to be cheaper than doing the entire room again and it will not interrupt your use of the kitchen while you make the changes.

Tips on choosing new Shaker cabinet doors

After looking at reasons as to why you should consider getting new Shaker cabinet doors, it is a good idea to quickly offer a couple of tips to help you when you get to the point of choosing new ones.

First, do pay attention to the room itself and in particular the amount of light it gets, which means natural light, how many shadows are cast across the room, and finally the dimensions of the room itself. Why is this important? Simply because it should have an impact on the type of wood and the color of the cabinet doors that you install as the idea here is to make your kitchen not only look nice, but feel as spacious as possible.

Choose a wood that is too dark in a small room and it will pull in the walls and make it feel too cramped, but choose too light in a large room with the wrong décor and it just fails to pull together into something that you love. In other words, there is more to it than simply buying doors that you like the look of as a great deal more thought has to go into it than you may have imagined. Obviously you do also need to ensure that the door actually ties in with the parts of the kitchen that are not being replaced, such as the sides of the units and the kick boards at the bottom, so get something that matches or your kitchen is going to look completely disjointed.

After the color, you are also best to look at the design of the door itself as there are also a number of options available here. Clearly you can be as plain or as ornate as you like, but just as with the color it is important that you look around you in order to draw some inspiration as to the design of door that will be most suitable for your kitchen.

Ideally, if you wish to have a traditional country style kitchen, then doors that have raised sections in the central panel could work well, whereas if you prefer a more modern look, then something plain and perhaps veneered with a nice looking knob for a handle would look fantastic. Do think carefully even about the type of handle that goes with the door as it forms part of the overall appeal, so obviously a traditional handle on a modern door would not only look strange, but ruin the entire look of the room.

Those are just the main reasons as to why you should consider buying new Shaker cabinet doors and you can see that it is easy to justify the expense in the first place. Changing the doors can save you so many problems as you no longer have to worry about taking out the entire kitchen and re-installing everything. Instead, be sensible and hang those new doors and then proudly look at how good your new kitchen looks and all done in just a single afternoon.

New Cabinet Doors

New Cabinet Doors


Cabinet doors are typically the first thing you see when you walk into a kitchen space. New Cabinet doors can say a lot about the design and style of your kitchen. By simply replacing your cabinet doors you can make a drastic change in the look of your kitchen cabinets. With all of the various styles available for cabinet doors, the possibilities are virtually endless. New Cabinet doors can be made in an economical paint grade style door, all the way up to high end Sapele, and Walnut cabinet doors.

New Cabinet doors can be divided up into several categories. The first most basic style of cabinet door is the flat slab cabinet door. This type of door is very simple, just a basic slab or glue up of several boards of your chosen wood, sanded flat. Edge detailing can be added to give the door some additional visual interest. Although this door may be considered plain by some, it does have a very clean minimalist appearance, as well a more modern European look. The next category is the inset or recessed cabinet doors. These inset panel cabinet doors feature an inset panel that is flat and set in, or recessed from the front face of the door. Usually these type of cabinet doors have a small inner edge bead detail where the wooden frame and the panel meet, in some cases the doors are joined with a simple tongue and groove joint with no inner edge bead detail, this is typically called the Shaker style cabinet door. Next we have the raised panel cabinet door. This door has a raised center panel, this panel is typically ¾” thick and the edges are shaped to fit into the inner edge groove detail. Once the panel is placed into the groove and the door glued together the panel sits flush with the face of the door. In centuries past the raised panel door was actually the back side of what was commonly displayed in furniture or case work. The shaped panel was usually crudely shaped with hand planes in order to fit into the door frame groove so only a flat panel was displayed into the room. Only later as did hand planes become more elaborate did the raised panel become an item of beauty up for display on the front of furniture. The last in cabinet door categories is the applied moulding cabinet door. This type of door can actually be either an inset or a raised panel door, but with the exception of a small moulding that is applied on the inner edge where the panel meets the stiles and rails of the cabinet door.

Those are the four main categories for new cabinet doors. Of course all of these designs can have various styles of center panel options, such as flat or inset, bead board, vee groove, and raised panel. Also almost any style can be made from affordable paint grade materials to offer maximum cost savings for those that want the painted look. Which ever style you decide to go with for your kitchen remodel you can be assured there are plenty of designs that should be able to accommodate your design taste and décor style.

Wooden Shaker Cabinet Doors Fits Into The Design Of This Southern Ca Home

Wooden Shaker Cabinet Doors Fits Into The Design Of This Southern Ca Home

Exactly what do you receive whenever you mix Arts and Crafts style bungalow along with a beachside setting? At Perry Shaw’s home in Los Angeles, you get a distinctive pairing of fun, vibrant colors and traditional character found in the homes kitchen with its new wooden Shaker cabinet doors. Perry’s family inherited the kitchen area from those who built the house, however they enjoy it a lot they haven’t transformed it from its original layout. They did want a change so they contacted architect Jerri Rawls, in the industry Rawls was an expert in using Shaker wooden cabinet doors effectively in various kitchen designs. “I stored a folder of images and stuff I loved, and that I had selected out many of the features particularly the wooden Shaker cabinet doors,” Perry states. “I loved the old time country feel, and I also loved the lime colored eco-friendly finishes.” First and foremost, though, she values the truth that she will clean dishes in the primary sink while watching waves crash around the beach outdoors.

Vast Expanses Makes Shaker Cabinet Doors The Focal Point

Although the beautiful wooden cabinet doors are situated inside the heart of the house and does not have oceanfront home windows of their own, a 12 feet wide opening towards the adjoining living room opens it towards the seaside sights supplied by a wall of large glass mullion windows. Additionally to supplying unparalleled sights and abundant sun light, the pass through provides a subtle link between the kitchen areas and showcasing the new wooden Shaker cabinet doors and living room. “So lots of dialogue can occur,” Rawls states, “however the wooden Shaker cabinet doors keeps its separateness in the kitchen space.” Adding the generous pass through resulted in storage and appliance energy needed to squeeze into this area. “The greater you are making an area, the less space you need to incorporate upper cabinets along with other utility elements,” Rawls states. Rawls was involved in devising an agenda that mixes a functional work area and classy accents. A six burner range anchors one wall, as the primary sink anchors another. An eating nook allows a casual dining space for that couple as well as their three children, certainly one of whom still lives in the own home.

Wooden Shaker Style Cabinet Doors Adds Modern Flair To This Design

The refrigerator, microwave, and warming drawer produce a convenient snack prep area between your island and breakfast area, along with a walk in kitchen provides extra storage that comprises for that limited upper cabinet space. To produce a country casual attitude having a fondness towards the past, Rawls began with simple Shaker Style cabinet doors which were colored a conventional whitened finish. She carefully combined modern home appliances in to the vintage plan by choosing a white painted range and hiding the refrigerator behind cabinet sections. Reclaimed wood adds a feeling of background and rugged texture on the ground and removes worries about monitoring incoming sand from the beach. Any scratches in the woods surface are only going to enhance its character. Using the primary elements in position, Rawls might have stopped there, but she’d yet another trick up her sleeve. To include color and lighten the atmosphere, she colored the insides of glass front cabinets a vibrant blue. “We thought the eco-friendly blue paint which accompanied one another perfectly,” Rawls states. “We wanted something just a little fun and never too serious.”

Wholesale Shaker Cabinet Doors Built To Fit Your Kitchen Cabinets

Wholesale Shaker Cabinet Doors Now Available To The Public

What are wholesale cabinet doors? Wholesale cabinet doors are typically cabinet doors that are only available to either resellers or larger custom cabinet shops. Most custom cabinet doors companies only sell their doors wholesale to the trade and are not available to the public. This can be frustrating to consumers since some of the more intricate and unique door designs are available wholesale only or through a dealer. There are some custom cabinet door companies that do sell their intricate and unique designs to the public at wholesale pricing. This can be a great benefit to the consumer to acquire these unique cabinet door designs. The consumer can get a very high end quality look without having to go through a vast dealer network of mark ups.

Quantity Discounts On Top Of Wholesale Prices

When purchasing wholesale cabinet doors either on the wholesale market or if you are able to find a wholesale to the public dealer, always try and purchase all the cabinet doors needed for your project. In some cases you may want to replace the cabinet doors in your entire home, kitchen, laundry, and bathroom vanities. This is where purchasing a large lot of cabinet doors will save you a lot of money. Not only will some companies be willing to offer you quantity discounts but you may be able to have all these items shipped using a freight company which can also save you money over common carriers.

Custom Cabinet Shops And Homeowners Can Save On Large Orders

Wholesale Shaker cabinet doors are also the way to go for custom cabinet makers and woodworking craftsmen that have medium to large custom cabinet projects. In the custom cabinet market the more options to save on products and supplies the better. Also by having a larger selection to provide your clients with you are able to separate yourself from the competition. Custom cabinet shops can also take advantage of these wholesale discounts as they are typically purchasing several custom cabinet door orders at a time. This is one area where using a wholesale dealer that can provide freight shipments is a true advantage.

Wholesale Shaker Cabinet Door Suppliers Have Numerous Wood Species And Larger Selections

Most wholesale Shaker cabinet door suppliers have a rather large selection of wood species to choose from. As you will find most retail cabinet door outfits can be rather limited in their selection of wood species. You will find your common paint grade cabinet doors, using either a low grade of maple, mixed wood or a low grade of alder. Your more common woods such as oak, maple, and cherry will also be offered by retail dealers. When you enter the wholesale cabinet door market you will find a vast selection of woods such as quarter sawn oaks, red and white, as well as exotics, sapele, brazillian cherry, just to name a few. Since these wholesale Shaker cabinet door dealers purchase larger quantities the lumber quality can be much higher. When purchasing large lumber lots they will typically receive the very best furniture grade material available. This not only provides a higher quality product but is much easier to work with and thereby cut down on labor costs and defects.

Unfinished Shaker Cabinet Doors

Unfinished Shaker Cabinet Doors: What Are They?

When you become tired of the way your kitchen looks there is no need for you to spend a fortune ripping everything out and starting again along with the upheaval that it causes. Instead, you are able to completely change how it often looks simply by changing the doors of the different cabinets in the room. There are a number of options available and one option you should consider is unfinished cabinet doors. The question now, however, is what are the options that are available amongst these unfinished Shaker cabinet doors and how do you decide which ones are best for your kitchen?

What are unfinished Shaker cabinet doors?

First, a brief explanation as to what is actually meant by the term ‘unfinished Shaker cabinet doors’ is in order. Basically, this is when you get Shaker cabinet doors with either no paint or staining applied, which means you are left with nothing else other than the bare wood. This does initially sound rather boring, but in actual fact it does give you plenty of scope to finish it off as you like or indeed you may also prefer to stick with the stripped down version if you love that look.

It is important to remember that in order for these doors to work you do also need to make sure that the other facings also match. Failure to do this will only lead to your kitchen looking rather disjointed and indeed the entire room will feel like a disappointment as well as it having an unprofessional look to it.

What options are there in terms of materials?

When it comes to choosing the actual doors you do have a range of woods available covering different shades that will be ideal for any kitchen or finished look that you are hoping to achieve. Obviously the likes of oak and mahogany are always popular, but of course you do not have that same quality finish as you normally would. Another popular material is of course pine and this does look better when it is unfinished as it gives that rustic look that would be spoiled if you did anything to the wood. In actual fact, with pine you would only need to give it a light top coating of a clear varnish just to make sure that everything is resistant to moisture and your door would be ready to hang.

The best thing that you should do is to think carefully about the kitchen itself and what you hope to achieve by hanging new doors. Is it quite small? Does it have limited natural light coming in the window? If so, then it makes sense to use a lighter wood or to simply varnish the bare door without any staining as dark cabinets will only serve to make the room even smaller than it already is. By using light wood for your cabinets you can fool the eye into thinking that there is more space to move around in and of course if the rest of your décor ties in, then lighter cabinets can look fantastic. Taking your time to choose the correct material is essential, so browse through a number of options and never settle on the first thing you see.

Advantages of using unfinished Shaker cabinet doors.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using unfinished Shaker cabinet doors is that they are a lot cheaper to buy, so as long as you are happy with the plain look, or can do the staining yourself, it does mean that you can change how your kitchen looks for very little money. It is possible to pick up doors for just a few dollars a piece although this does depend not only on the size, but the type of wood that it is made from. Obviously the likes of pine is going to be at the cheaper end while mahogany is always one of the more expensive doors to buy, so do think about the budget that you have available before settling on the correct wood for your kitchen.

Other advantages can also be that by simply replacing the doors you can transform your kitchen in minutes, it will also cause you fewer problems compared to taking out the entire kitchen and rebuilding everything, and finally you can do the actual hanging of the doors and replacement of the facings in just a single day although the staining will take you a bit longer. As long as the actual shell of the kitchen cabinets is still strong and undamaged it does mean that there is no need for you to replace the entire kitchen as fitting these new doors is by far and away the better option.

Measuring up for your new doors.

When choosing your new doors it is important that you measure them up correctly and there are a couple of key points that you need to keep in mind while doing so. First, you need to measure the size of the actual opening of the cabinet and this means from the top to the bottom as well as from side to side. After this, measure from the outer edges of the cabinet itself where the hinges will go and make sure that there is at least half an inch of space available to ensure that the door will be able to open. This clearance space is important or the edge of the door will stick against the cabinet or whatever lies at the side and will not fully open. What you then need to do is to add another inch to both the height and width in order to create an overlap that will make the entire job look that bit tidier and you will not have any spaces at any point. Finally, you should double check the measurements as even being a fraction of an inch out can result in the finished result looking rather untidy.

After the doors, you need to also measure side panels, which means their length and breadth, as well as kick boards at the bottom, and any intricate bead work that just adds to the look of the kitchen. All of these parts need to match in order to pull the kitchen together, so take notes of what you need and build a shopping list to make sure that nothing is missed out. You may also wish to do a simple sketch of the layout of your kitchen and mark where each piece is going and simply cross them off as you buy each piece.

Measuring is also important not just to make sure that you get the correct size of doors, but also because it will make it easier to work out your budget. After noting down the size of doors and facings that you need, which means drawer fronts, side panels, and kick boards if you have them, you can then check different suppliers to see what they are charging and do remember that buying in bulk should give you a better price. Do just confirm that you are actually buying unfinished Shaker cabinet doors and seek their help to get the other parts of wood so you know that everything really will look the same when the job is completed.

How to stain them.

If you have bought these doors in order to save money, but still want to have some color to them, then you do have several options in regards to staining. With certain woods, such as the pine mentioned earlier, a simple clear varnish will work exceptionally well as it will bring to life all of the knots and lines in the wood and make it glisten rather than dull. You can of course also purchase a colored stain that will match the material, but it is then up to you as to how dark you go with the color and for this you must look at your kitchen to work out the colors that would actually work. When doing this, do remember the golden rule that a dark color in a small and cramped kitchen will not work well as it can make the room feel more claustrophobic.

After you have selected the stain, use either a paintbrush or even an old cloth in order to apply it. The first thing you need to do is to give the doors a light sanding, with a very fine sandpaper, in order to lightly break up the surface without damaging it. By doing this, it does actually make the new staining bond better with the door and it will give a more polished look once the job has been completed.

Once you have sanded them, give the door a wipe in order to remove any dust that may have accumulated on the surface before going ahead and applying your first coat. If you are using the rag, then dip it into the stain and ring it out until there is not enough liquid on it to drip off. Avoiding drips and runs when applying it is essential for a smooth finish, and then add the stain by using a circular motion and just focus on one area at a time. You should then go back over the area once more with more stain on the cloth and do remember to work with the grain rather than against it as this will ensure that you get a good, even coverage at all times and you should not have blotches of color spread across your door.

You should always avoid trying to put on a thick coat as it is easier, and indeed looks better, when there are several thin layers added one on top of the other. The problem with adding a thick layer is that if you do not like how dark it has gone you are going to find it difficult to rectify the issue. However, by doing the job slowly and by using thin layers you will then find that you can gradually darken the color and it is easier to stop when you feel that you love the shade you have achieved.

If the door has some raised edges and it is difficult for the cloth to get into those corners, then do use a thin paintbrush to ensure that no part is left untouched. Do use the same instructions with regard to not having enough stain on it to drip off and using thin layers only. You are always better to do these more intricate areas last as it is easier to blend in the color if you make it too dark whereas if you do it the other way around you can end up with a door that has to be stripped down and you to start all over again thanks to the main door being the wrong color.

After the stain has been applied, and you are happy with the way it looks, you are advised to leave it to dry until the following day before applying at least two coats of a light varnish cover as this will help the wood to resist the moisture that builds up in the kitchen and it will help to stop the wood from warping over time.

How to change the doors.

Changing the doors really is an easy job when you consider that all you need to do is detach the old doors, fit the hinges onto the replacement doors and simply screw into place. Do just remember that all of the facings have to also be replaced in the same style.

The important part is to ensure that the hinges are indeed the correct size for the doors, but you should have already worked this out when you measured them earlier on. If you are unsure as to which hinges to use, then one tip is to simply remove one door, take the hinge off, and take it with you to the hardware store when going to buy new ones. This should work quite well if the dimensions of the doors are going to be the same as they should hang in the same manner at all times. Indeed, there is also no reason why you cannot go ahead and use the same hinges on these new unfinished cabinet doors as it is only the wood that has changed.

When hanging them, your main concern has to be making sure that they are level and do not just trust your eye with this. Instead, use a level and gradually tighten the top hinge first before working on the bottom hinge to not only tighten it, but to bring the door into an upright position. Just ensure that there is a slight gap between the doors to prevent them from rubbing against one another, but again this is something that you should have double checked when measuring up for the new doors.

How to finish them off.

After you have finished hanging them, and applying the stain to fit the look you are after, all that is then left to do is to choose handles to finish them off. The type of handle that you choose will depend on whether or not you are leaving them bare or if you have indeed stained them. If left bare, look at using a more rustic handle as it will tie in perfectly with it, whereas if you stain the doors, then the handle has to reflect the color. What this means is that generally speaking a silver or light handle will stand out from a dark color while the reverse is also true when the door is light in color and the handle is dark. One tip is to simply go to the same company you bought the doors from and actually purchase the handles at the same time. This way, you can compare them to the color you are going to stain the doors and there is less chance of you being unhappy with the end result.

The conclusion.

The conclusion that has to be reached is that unfinished Shaker cabinet doors can be an inexpensive way to completely change the way that your kitchen looks and you can freshmen it up in next to no time. Changing the actual doors can be done by basically anybody and the entire job can be completed in a matter of hours. The hardest part is in making sure that the staining looks professional, but as long as you follow the tips mentioned above, then in all honesty you will end up with a kitchen you can be proud of and one that looks completely different to how it was before.

All you need to do is to take your time with staining them, if required of course, and then hang them the correct way with those lovely new handles on the doors and the job is done. You do not have to be a DIY expert to do this, but if you do find yourself getting into difficulty, then there is help available from a number of sources and of course you could also ask for help from someone you know who is good at all of this kind of work.

New Wood Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker Cabinet Door Poplar Wood Frame With MDF Panel


Replacing Old Kitchen Doors With New Shaker Wood Cabinet Doors

It’s increasingly apparent that whole kitchen remodeling is simply either too costly or way too time intensive for additional get it done yourselfers. Actually in some instances refacing may also be more costly than changing your whole kitchen filled with cabinets. Lots of older cabinets in the 60’s towards the 80’s were usually, although not always produced from a plywood material. Fresh paint grade doors are manufactured from a bit of a lesser grade of wood material. You may also keep all the containers and pans along with other items in your cabinets in position throughout the alternative of the kitchen Shaker wood cabinet doors. Recently this trend of cabinet door alternative has skyrocketed, forced mainly because of economic conditions plus a rise in the rental market where changing doors is commonplace. One type of Shaker style cabinet door that Acme Shaker wood cabinet doors takes pride in supplying may be the Shaker style bead board cabinet door.

Solid Cabinet Boxes Makes For A Lasting Reface

The only real prerequisite would be that the existing cabinets have been in good shape. Another consideration is if you need to keep the existing counter tops. A lot of people plan to upgrade the counters simultaneously they enter a cabinet door alternative project. Since quality custom kitchen Shaker wood cabinet doors could be crafted particularly for the kitchen this will make a perfect do-it-yourself project. Clearly should you choose bring in help to complete your cabinet door changing for you personally bear in mind the costs is going to be considerably greater than if you decide to do all the work yourself. Along with adding value you simply might somewhat be developing a dream kitchen for somebody that might be interested in your home should you ever intend to sell the house. Regardless of what you current kitchen cabinet door color and style is there’s what’s promising. The initial step along the way would be to determine whether your overall cabinets are solid enough to simply accept new doors and hinges. This will make changing Shaker wood cabinet doors easy.

Consider To Reface Rather Than Replace Kitchen Cabinets

Whole kitchen cabinet alternative could be considerably more costly than simply changing Shaker wood cabinet doors. There’s presently a lot of talk on the web regarding a great way to changing kitchen Shaker wood cabinet doors. You’ll have numerous options if this involves material choice for your brand-new doors. Many of these things may cause large problems inside your kitchen remodeling project. These new wood Shaker cabinet doors is going to be designed to no matter what size that you simply specify to it is important that you will get the scale as accurate as you possibly can. Fresh paint grade wood cabinet doors for example Acme Shaker wood cabinet doors are manufactured from cheaper materials in order to save the most and supply a cost-effective substrate for colored finishes.

Replacement Shaker Cabinet Doors


Replacement Shaker Cabinet Doors

Looking for a simple way to drastically change and improve the look of your existing kitchen cabinets? The fastest and most economical way to improve the look of your kitchen cabinets is by simply replacing the cabinet doors. Replacement Shaker cabinet doors offer a great visual impact to the look of your existing kitchen cabinets. Replacement cabinet doors can be custom made to fit your cabinets. They cabinet be made out of solid wood or MDF (medium density fiberboard) or a combination of a solid wood cabinet door frame with an MDF center panel. This is recommended over one piece MDF cabinet doors due to its great strength and rigidity and hinge screw holding power. This combination of wood frame with MDF panel gives you the best of both worlds and is much easier to paint and provides a cleaner looking finished product.


Replacing Shaker cabinet doors can be a relatively easy do it yourself project. Really all that is needed is a powered screwdriver or drill with a screwdriver bit. An old fashioned screwdriver will work, but there are typically a lot of screws holding the hinges on in the average kitchen so a powered screwdriver will greatly speed up this process as well as save your hands and wrists.


New replacement Shaker cabinet doors can be purchased with modern European style hinges already pre-bored onto the cabinet door frame, as well as these European hinges can be included with your new replacement Shaker cabinet door order. This will save a great deal of time when you install your replacement Shaker cabinet doors on your cabinets. Most of these European cabinet door hinges have adjustment capabilities so you can fine tune the exact fit of your cabinet doors with perfection. This is especially helpful when you have two doors that meet together over a large cabinet opening, you can dial in the gap very easily, and this procedure could take a bit of time to do correctly using any other type of hinge.


Replacement Shaker cabinet doors are a very economical way to update the look of your kitchen cabinets. Replacing cabinet doors can cost a fraction of what it would to hire a refacing company to do the work. Replacing cabinet doors is much simpler and less time consuming than replacing your kitchen cabinets, where you could have plumbing, electrical, sinks and countertops to have to replace as well.


There are virtually endless styles and designs of replacement Shaker cabinet doors. Everything from recessed panel, Shaker style, raised panel, bead board panel, applied moulding, just to name a few. All of these doors can be had in solid wood as well as paint grade materials. If you are happy with your kitchen cabinet layout and are seeking a simply way to make a drastic visual change then replacement Shaker cabinet doors may prove to be the right choice for you and your next remodeling project.

Replacement Shaker Bathroom Cabinet Doors


How To Choose Replacement Shaker Bathroom Cabinet Doors To Suit Your Room
Is your bathroom needing updated, but you want to keep the main fixtures and fittings? Then one option available to you is to consider buying replacement Shaker bathroom cabinet doors. By doing so, you can completely change the look of the bathroom without having to call in a plumber, but how do you go about trying to choose the right door for your bathroom? If you are confused, then the advice that follows may prove to be rather useful.

Why would you replace them?
As with Shaker kitchen cabinet doors there are a number of reasons as to why you would go ahead and replace the doors in your bathroom. Obviously you can do so when you want to update the overall look, but at the same time it could also be due to you buying an inferior product, or perhaps inheriting it if you bought the house with the cabinets installed, and the heat and moisture in the room can take its toll. The last thing you want is to have a damaged door that is constantly being warped by the moisture as it can have a knock-on effect with the rest of the cabinet, so surely it is better to just change the doors at the earliest opportunity to save yourself a bigger repair job in the future.

What is the style you are after?
As is to be expected, there are a number of different styles of bathroom cabinet doors available and it does mean that you have a number of options available and should be able to get one that is just perfect for your room. A number of people quite like the heavily embossed style of door for the bathroom and the chunky look is certainly one that has been in vogue for a number of years. This type of door looks more impressive when it is a larger bathroom because in smaller rooms this chunky appearance will be too dominant and overpowering. Instead, with smaller rooms look towards a smoother door with only light relief on it along with an appropriate handle and you should have a style that is perfect for your room.

The type of wood.
Next, you need to think about the type of wood that you should use and just as with the style there are a number of options available to you. The rules when choosing these doors are basically the same as they are with a kitchen in that you need to think about the space, light, and the overall look you are hoping to achieve when trying to choose your new doors.
As like before, avoid dark wood such as mahogany in a smaller room with only artificial light or the bathroom will feel even smaller than it actually is and it will certainly not be as welcoming as it should be. The good news is that you are able to choose from basically every type of wood imaginable, so choose carefully and you should have a bathroom that does look amazing.

How to choose the correct doors.
After learning more about the styles and the wood available, it is certainly a good idea to turn attention towards how you can choose the correct doors to suit your particular style.
As was previously mentioned, you need to look at the room itself in order to get some inspiration and even though the light and size of the room plays a part it is also advisable to look at areas such as the fixtures and fittings as well as the floor for your inspiration. Why is this important? The reason is that everything should blend in perfectly in your bathroom as it should be a place where you feel you can relax and that will not happen if everything appears to be rather disjointed.
Is the floor plain? Then how about a door that is equally as plain or with some slight decoration on it as the contrast between that floor and a heavily embossed door could be too much and destroy the room. Is the floor light in color and the room quite spacious? Then how about a door that uses a darker wood in order to give that quite striking contrast in color? Do you have a light floor, but a small room? Then choose a wood that is only a shade or two darker than the floor and pick handles and hinges that are a lot darker in order to give the more subtle contrast that will work exceptionally well.
Finally, think of the style you are after with plain being a bit more modern while a chunkier door is certainly seen as being a bit more traditional. Tie this in with the rest of the points made above and by the end of it all you should have been able to choose the perfect replacement bathroom cabinet doors at the first time of asking.

How to ensure that the moisture does not damage it.
Clearly a bathroom contains a lot of moisture, so if you buy the wrong replacement Shaker bathroom cabinet doors it could lead to all kinds of problems developing. Instead, you need to make sure that the doors have been treated in the correct way in order to make them resistant to water and life is certainly a lot easier when it has already been done for you. The best way to do this is to buy quality Shaker doors from the start because even if they have just been veneered it does mean that it will be thicker than normal and less likely to be damaged by the moisture. Spend that little bit extra to save yourself more money and problems in the future.

Choosing replacement Shaker bathroom cabinet doors to suit your room is, therefore, relatively straightforward as long as you take the points mentioned above into consideration before spending money. There are a number of styles available that will not only fit every need, but also every budget, so think carefully about the look you are hoping to achieve, and then carefully browse through the options to ultimately settle on the cabinet doors that will just set your bathroom off perfectly.