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Bead Board Cabinet Door Georgia


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Georgia Door Shown in Maple


Paint Grade Cabinet Doors

Poplar Frame MDF Panel

$12.99 Per Square Ft.

Poplar Frame/Poplar Panel

$24.99 Per Square Ft.

PG Maple Frame/MDF Panel

$15.99 Per Square Ft.


Stain Grade Cabinet Doors


$17.10 Per Square Ft.


$16.63 Per Square Ft.


$24.41 Per Square Ft.


$15.08 Per Square Ft.


$16.85 Per Square Ft.

Knotty Alder

$42.60 Per Square Ft.


$38.30 Per Square Ft.

Pine - Clear

$41.50 Per Square Ft.

Pine - Knotty

$42.30 Per Square Ft.

Red Oak - Plain Sawn

$33.70 Per Square Ft.

Red Oak - Quarter Sawn

$47.40 Per Square Ft.

Red Oak - Rift Sawn

$47.40 Per Square Ft.


$89.20 Per Square Ft.


$89.90 Per Square Ft.

White Oak - Plain Sawn

$43.00 Per Square Ft.

White Oak - Quarter Sawn

$84.90 Per Square Ft.

White Oak - Rift Sawn

$85.80 Per Square Ft.

Bead board cabinet doors: Could They Just Complete The Room?

If you have never come across painted bead board cabinet doors, then in all honesty you are missing out on a style of door that could be absolutely perfect for your kitchen. In actual fact there is very little chance that you will have never come across this style of door as bead board is just a fancier name for those doors where there are flat beaded panels in the middle of the door that just gives the cabinet a bit more detail.

This type of door can come in various styles as the bead board can be rather elegant and classical in style with straight lines and right angles, but at the same time it can also include curves and a generally more flowing design that is quite traditional. The type that is best for you will of course depend on the overall look that you are trying to achieve, but all this means is that you need to spend time looking through the various options to ultimately select the one that is perfect for you.

It is important to point out that this type of cabinet door is not really for the modern look as it does mean that the door is not plain, but rather it has some detailing on it even though it can be quite subtle. Aside from the detailing you will also be able to choose from a range of colors and finishes and indeed this does mean that the chances of you not being able to select something that is perfect for your needs really are virtually non-existent.

With the finishes it is important to point out that in the majority of cases people will go for either it being stained or painted with white, or an off-white color, being the most popular by some distance. The finish that is applied really is up to you and what works best in your kitchen, but there is no reason why you cannot have oak, mahogany, cherry, ash, white paint, cream paint, or a whole host of other things dependent on how the rest of your kitchen will be styled.

The beauty of buying these types of doors is that they are all fully manufactured and all you are required to do is to go and hang them and the job is finished. There is no need for you to prime the doors, stain them, paint them, or allow them to dry as that is all done before you hand over your cash making your life easier and the renovation job as easy as it possibly could be.

In short, as long as you choose the correct design of painted bead board cabinet doors, then there is no doubt that your kitchen will indeed look fantastic and it will then be a room to be proud of. This type of door does not have to be expensive to buy, but it always looks like a quality product and will ultimately provide you with a kitchen that you can feel proud of owning.