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Poplar wood is generally straight grained with a fine, even texture. Creamy-white to pale brown heartwood and sapwood. Poplar varies from white to a light green with occasional black and purple streaks. Poplar is a relatively hard hardwood with good durability. This door style has a solid poplar wood center panel.

Price Per Square Foot $17.99


Alder wood is straight grained and even textured. Pale yellow to reddish brown with indistinct boundary between heartwood and softwood. Alder is an excellent choice for staining, as it will take a clear coat, or a light to dark stain very well. Has also been used quite commonly to mimic the look of cherry if stained and finished properly. Since alder is a straight smooth grain wood it also takes painted finishes very well.

Price Per Square Foot $21.99


Beech wood is a very hard hardwood with excellent wear resistance with straight or sometimes interlocked grain with a fine, even texture. Dark to light reddish brown heartwood and very thin, nearly white sapwood. Beech wood stains well, but is seen often with a glazed finish, it is also another ideal paint grade material due to its hardness and wear resistance and smooth grain, it takes paint beautifully.

Price Per Square Foot $21.99


Cherry wood is a relatively hard hardwood with great wear resistance. Cherry is generally straight grained with a fairly uniform texture and a rich luster. Light to dark reddish brown heartwood and narrow, nearly white sapwood. Cherry takes stain very well and is regarded as one of the most highly prized cabinet woods in North America.

Price Per Square Foot $26.95


Maple is a very hard hardwood, with excellent wear resistance. Maple wood has a straight, close grain with a fine, uniform texture. Nearly white sapwood, sometimes with a reddish tinge and light tannish heartwood. Maple is very hard and can be stained, although it is seen with a glazed finish. Maple paints excellently and is a great choice for a durable material for painting.

Price Per Square Foot $22.95

Red Oak - Plain Sawn

Red Oak wood is a straight grained with a coarse texture and prominent rays. Light reddish tan heartwood and narrow, almost white sapwood. Red Oak is a very hard and durable hardwood with great wear resistance. Oak accepts stain very well, from light to dark. Due to its rather coarse grain patterns Red Oak is not recommended for painting as this coarse grain will show under some painted finishes.

Price Per Square Foot $21.95

Displayed here are our slab cabinet doors. All slab cabinet doors are solid wood, not edgebanded plywood. Paint grade slab MDF doors are also available.
Slab cabinet doors or sometime referred to as “plank” for “flat plank” cabinet doors are the most basic form of cabinet doors. Slab cabinet doors do not have a frame or a panel and are more simplistic in design they are commonly used in more modern or contemporary themes. Slab cabinet doors can have the grain oriented either vertical or horizontal to maximize the visual impact of your cabinets.