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Shaker Cabinet Door

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Shaker Door Shown in Cherry

Poplar Frame MDF Panel

Poplar wood is generally straight grained with a fine, even texture. Creamy-white to pale brown heartwood and sapwood. Poplar varies from white to a light green with occasional black and purple streaks. Poplar is a relatively hard hardwood with good durability. The center panel for this door style uses economical MDF panel, ideal for a low cost paintable material

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Poplar Frame/Poplar Panel

Poplar wood is generally straight grained with a fine, even texture. Creamy-white to pale brown heartwood and sapwood. Poplar varies from white to a light green with occasional black and purple streaks. Poplar is a relatively hard hardwood with good durability. This door style has a solid poplar wood center panel.

Price Per Square Foot $14.99

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Alder wood is straight grained and even textured. Pale yellow to reddish brown with indistinct boundary between heartwood and softwood. Alder is an excellent choice for staining, as it will take a clear coat, or a light to dark stain very well. Has also been used quite commonly to mimic the look of cherry if stained and finished properly. Since alder is a straight smooth grain wood it also takes painted finishes very well.

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Beech wood is a very hard hardwood with excellent wear resistance with straight or sometimes interlocked grain with a fine, even texture. Dark to light reddish brown heartwood and very thin, nearly white sapwood. Beech wood stains well, but is seen often with a glazed finish, it is also another ideal paint grade material due to its hardness and wear resistance and smooth grain, it takes paint beautifully.

Price Per Square Foot $14.99

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Cherry wood is a relatively hard hardwood with great wear resistance. Cherry is generally straight grained with a fairly uniform texture and a rich luster. Light to dark reddish brown heartwood and narrow, nearly white sapwood. Cherry takes stain very well and is regarded as one of the most highly prized cabinet woods in North America.

Price Per Square Foot $21.99

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Maple is a very hard hardwood, with excellent wear resistance. Maple wood has a straight, close grain with a fine, uniform texture. Nearly white sapwood, sometimes with a reddish tinge and light tannish heartwood. Maple is very hard and can be stained, although it is seen with a glazed finish. Maple paints excellently and is a great choice for a durable material for painting.

Price Per Square Foot $15.99

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Red Oak - Plain Sawn

Red Oak wood is a straight grained with a coarse texture and prominent rays. Light reddish tan heartwood and narrow, almost white sapwood. Red Oak is a very hard and durable hardwood with great wear resistance. Oak accepts stain very well, from light to dark. Due to its rather coarse grain patterns Red Oak is not recommended for painting as this coarse grain will show under some painted finishes.

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Shaker Cabinet Doors

Here we have our Shaker style cabinet door. The Shaker cabinet door is and has been for the last several years a very popular door style. Its clean and simple lines tie in well with a modern contemporary look. The modern Shaker cabinet door has been simplified from its original design from the Shaker era. Original Shaker doors found on furniture and built-ins from the Shaker communities had raised panel backs, typically done with hand planes to taper the center panel into the groove of the door frame. This raised panel could only be seen on the back side of the door leaving the front of the door a simple flat panel. There were variations on this design throughout the Shaker community such as doors had mid rails and mid stiles splitting the doors into numerous paneled sections.

The modern Shaker cabinet door has a simple tongue and groove construction, encapsulating the center panel. Modern Shaker cabinet doors can be built with a raised panel back allowing the front face to be a flat panel, but this is rarely ever done as most homeowners like the same simple look on the back as the front side. So typically a ¼ inch panel is used as the center panel of the door. Solid wood Shaker cabinet doors can also be constructed utilizing a solid wood center panel which usually ends up being anywhere from ½” to 3/8” thick. In this instance the center panel is rabbeted on the back side to fit in the groove of the door frame. This solid wood panel ends up being flush with the stiles and rails of the back side of the door. Using a solid wood panel on Shaker cabinet door is ideal for those who do not prefer composite wood materials such as MDF or veneered plywood that are commonly used for inset style cabinet door panels.

In addition to being a preference for some, the utilization of a solid wood center panel for Shaker cabinet doors allows for the best possible grain and wood color match between the stiles and rails and the center panel. This is a true advantage when using a clear finish or a stained wood finish. Although composite and plywood center panel materials have an incredibly long service life a properly built solid wood center panel Shaker cabinet door will last equally as long. Some of the Shaker furniture that still stands today is a testament to the enduring design of this style of cabinet door.

Variations of Shaker Cabinet Doors

There are numerous variations of the Shaker cabinet door that should be mentioned. The widths of the stiles and rails can be widened also, standard widths are usually 2” to 2 ½” wide. Some prefer 3”-4” wide stiles and rails. Another modification is widening just the top and bottom rails, which gives another interesting aspect to these styles of cabinet doors. Raised panels can also be built in the Shaker style, as well as bead board and vee groove panels can also be constructed. No matter what variation of Shaker cabinet door you decide to go with, the possibilities are virtually endless and you’re only limited by your imagination.


White Shaker Style Cabinet Doors Are Still In Fashion

White shaker style cabinet doors are undoubtedly still in fashion and indeed in a number of instances they can make your kitchen look fantastic and dispel a lot of fears that this is a design that is simply outdated. The shaker style has had a bit of a renaissance in recent years and when you combine the look with a crisp white color you ultimately get a cabinet door that can look fantastic in almost any kitchen.

The design is pretty straightforward in that you quite often have sunken panels that are crisp with straight edges and right angles, but it is often a very clean cut design that can look perfect in so many different types of kitchens. Others may have a look whereby it appears to have been made in pieces, most doors will look as if they are one piece, in order to give that slightly rustic and rural look that is so familiar in this type of design. Ultimately it can provide you with kitchen cabinet doors that are sharp on the eye and provide you with a kitchen that really does have a great degree of charm about it.

With the panels you do have different options available depending on how big you want them to be or indeed if you just want one panel that is set into the door or would prefer two with a smaller one at the top. This does depend upon how elaborate you want your cabinet doors to look, but once again you cannot be too over the top with this type of design as it is what sets it apart from everything else that is out there.

Next it is best to quickly discuss the handles and with this style they need to be simple and easy to use. There is no need to have elaborate handles or knobs, but instead the simple circular one will be more than enough because with this type of design simplicity really is the key. The only other options would be small square or rectangular style knobs, but once again they should not be too big or you will find that it ruins the overall effect you are hoping to achieve.

The question now is, why white? Quite simply white is a very pure color and it has always worked well in a kitchen as it is clean, crisp, and it just creates a positive vibe about the entire room. White also works well with so many other colors allowing you to then really focus on the design of the entire room including the walls and furnishings.

So white shaker style cabinet doors really are still in fashion and they will always look amazing in the correct kitchen. This design really is sharp, it is both modern as well as traditional at the same time, and the white color will give a real crispness that may have been previously missing. Keep things simple, keep them plain, and you will ultimately have a kitchen that really does stand out from all of the others.