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Welcome to Acme Cabinet Doors. The home of high quality custom cabinet doors, crafted from the finest hand selected furniture grade hardwoods, all at our everyday low prices. These high quality custom cabinet doors can be used for new cabinets, kitchen cabinet refacing or updating, replacing cabinet doors, furniture, and much more. Feel free to browse our cabinet doors by clicking on them to find more info and pricing.

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As Low As $8.99

As Low As $8.99

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As Low As $8.89

As Low As $8.99

As Low As $15.99

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As Low As $8.89

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Welcome To Acme Cabinet Doors. Here at Acme Cabinet Doors you will find the finest quality custom built cabinet doors and cabinet refacing supply products available at or below wholesale price available to the public. We offer several full lines of custom built kitchen cabinet door products. Currently we have one of the largest selections of paint grade custom cabinet doors available on the internet. This complete line of custom paint grade kitchen cabinet doors is available in basic slab style, inset or commonly known as recessed panel which includes the very popular Shaker Style Cabinet Door, arch top, raised panel, as bead board cabinet door lines.

At Acme Cabinet Doors we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality product possible at the very lowest prices. One of the ways we go about provides quality products at our everyday lowest prices is by offering a wide selection of solid hardwood cabinet doors with numerous center panel options. Some of these options are solid wood cabinet door frame with a solid wood center panel, another is solid wood cabinet door frame with veneer panel. For our paint grade cabinet doors we do offer an MDF center panel. The MDF center panels are very economical and will paint up beautifully. These MDF center panel can be produced in flat panel, raised panel or bead board panel.

Additional products and services that Acme Cabinet Doors offer is European cabinet door hinges as well as 35mm hinge hole drilling. By having your new custom cabinet doors arrive with hinges and pre bored for the European cabinet door hinges is a wonderful time saver.

Acme Cabinet Doors

Acme Cabinet Door Co is proud to offer its recent addition to their paint grade cabinet door line, the paint grade composite hybrid arch top cabinet door. Now the beautiful arch top cabinet doors that Acme Cabinet Doors has been offering in solid wood are now available in hybrid composite paint grade options. This latest addition to the paint grade cabinet door line will open up a tremendous amount of possibilities when it comes to custom cabinet door selection. When it comes to paint grade cabinet doors having the arch top option will greatly increase its versatility. There are virtually an endless amount of various center panel options when it comes to paint grade arch top cabinet doors. Acme Cabinet Doors is a pioneer in hybrid custom arch top paint grade cabinet doors with their ground breaking innovations in the hybrid composite cabinet door market.

A few of the applications for these new arch top paint grade cabinet doors offered by Acme Cabinet Doors is kitchen cabinet refacing, cabinet door replacement, furniture door replacement, and depending on the layout these arch top door cabinet be used as wainscoting. Several additional design suggestions for these custom cabinet doors is finished cabinet end panels or cabinet backs. This is a terrific way to dress up the back of a kitchen island or large cabinet peninsula unit. This idea gives a great finished appearance, for that truly custom cabinet look.

The arch top paint grade cabinet doors that Acme Cabinet Doors offers can be produced with a large variety of center panel options. Some of these custom cabinet door center panels are inset or flat panel, solid wood or composite bead board, vee-groove, and raised panel. By having these fabulous center panel options the versatility of your design is greatly increased. You will no longer be limited by cabinet door selection as most arch top designs can be had with just about any center panel available. The ability to mix outside cabinet doors frames with any center panel is what Acme Cabinet Doors does best. This combination of outside cabinet door frame with various center panel options will allow for a versatile as well as a very affordable paint grade cabinet door.

No matter what exact arch top cabinet door design you choose from Acme Cabinet Doors you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality custom cabinet doors at the very lowest everyday prices.

Acme Cabinet Doors

Acme Cabinet Doors is a company committed to providing the highest value of custom wood cabinet doors available on the market today. In its many years of providing custom cabinet wood products Acme Cabinet Doors has developed and perfected numerous lines of high quality cabinet door style that are simply not available anywhere else in the custom wood product market place. By being a leader in the custom cabinet door market for various styles of cabinet door has separated them from all the competition. Not only in quality but also in pricing, Acme Cabinet Doors does offer the highest quality custom wood products at everyday low prices.

Just as one example of innovative design is Acme Cabinet Doors full line of Shaker style cabinet doors. This current manifestation of shaker style door is modeled off of doors found in furniture of the Shaker communities. Most commonly original Shaker style doors had a wood center panel that was tapered on the edges or “raised” to fit into the grooves of the door frame. The flat side of the panel was usually facing outside into the room. On these original designs the cabinet door frame was usually pretty wide, wide enough to allow a long tenon to be mortised into the door stiles. In the last 20 years the shaker style cabinet door has been refined into what we see today.

Acme Cabinet Doors is continually perfecting the art of producing and offering new styles of shaker style cabinet doors. The Shaker style cabinet doors that Acme Cabinet Doors offers is quite vast. The have an extensive line of Shaker style cabinet doors to choose from, with numerous center panel options. Everything from a simple flat panel, to raised panel, as well as bead board center panel options. These current center panel options are also available in solid wood, as well as a paint grade composite material. Acme Cabinet Doors has pioneered the hybrid composite cabinet door by using a paint grade cabinet door frame combined with an affordable composite wood center panel has allowed them to offer a high quality affordable custom cabinet door style.

It does not matter which style you choose from Acme Cabinet Doors long line of high quality custom cabinet doors products, you can be rest assured of the highest quality value available on the market today. So next time youre planning that kitchen cabinet remodeling project or simply want to reface that bathroom vanity cabinet, think Acme Cabinet Doors.

Looking for an affordable way to transform the look of your current kitchen cabinets?

Try custom cabinet doors as a solution for your next remodeling project. Instead of tearing out your existing kitchen cabinets and going through the time, hassle, and not to mention cost of a complete kitchen remodeling project consider ordering a complete new set of custom cabinet doors. New cabinet doors built custom for your existing kitchen cabinets is a very rapidly growing trend as a cost efficient alternative to complete kitchen remodels. Numerous factors have made this option most desirable, first and foremost the economic climate. Lets face it kitchen remodeling and more specifically kitchen cabinet replacement can be very expensive. Along with declining real estate home values you need to make sure you get the most bang for your buck so to speak.

Unfinished Cabinet Doors

If you are considering an inexpensive kitchen remodel or reface and decide to use unfinished cabinet doors, unfinished cabinet drawer fronts, will save you a considerable amount of money over buying new cabinets, or custom cabinets.

When planning or shopping for your new kitchen remodel project keep in mind the option of using unfinished cabinet doors. There are numerous advantages to using unfinished cabinet doors and unfinished wood drawer fronts. There are literally hundreds of different styles and wood combinations available as well as affordable paint grade cabinet doors. This will give you the option of finding the door that exactly fits your design taste.

Another advantage when selecting unfinished cabinet doors for your project is that you do not have to worry about the high cost of custom design as you would with custom built cabinetry. You can also achieve a look that can not be found or affordably made by a cabinet maker or cabinet showroom. One example of this is a custom painted finish on your cabinet doors, such as a stencil, or an applique be it carved or embossed. Also you can stain or paint your new unfinished cabinet doors to any color imaginable. You can even mix stains and colors to achieve the look you desire.

You can order unfinished cabinet doors at your local home improvement center but you will typically have to wait a long time and the quality is usually very poor. Because of the large mass production of these type of doors wood is rarely if never hand selected for the best color match and the quality of the joints are some points to keep in mind when looking for unfinished cabinet doors.

Your best bet for finding high quality unfinished cabinet doors is to find a custom cabinet door manufacturer that specializes in supplying custom cabinet makers, contractors and refacing companies. One thing to note here is make sure they will sell to the public, a lot of the places are wholesale only.

Paint Grade Cabinet Doors

You may be wondering if replacing your kitchen cabinet doors with new custom built cabinet doors is expensive or difficult. The answer is not at all. Having custom unfinished cabinet doors made for your current kitchen cabinets is very economical. By far the simplest and least expensive way to go is to use a paint grade cabinet door. There are a wide variety of options for paintable cabinet doors. The first is by using a product known as MDF. MDF can be shaped, cut and manufactured into beautiful cabinet doors. Although this is a fiberboard product, you would be very hard pressed to identify it as MDF once it is properly painted. There are numerous variations on the MDF cabinet door such as, a basic MDF slab door, one piece routered MDF cabinet door, and our preference Poplar wood frame doors that use a MDF center panel. Poplar wood is used for its great painting characteristics and durability along with an economical center panel made from MDF. Other woods can be used for the cabinet door frame, but Poplar is very affordable, and if you are going to be painting the door, no need to use and cover up expensive hardwoods such as cherry or walnut.

Solid Wood Cabinet Doors

If a painted finish is not what you are looking for in your custom cabinet doors remodeling project, you may want to seek out for solid wood stain grade cabinet doors. When a clear or stained finish is desired this will be your best option. Solid woods range from light to dark and most woods can be stained and finished any color. Obviously make a naturally dark wood lighter is usually not recommended and can require various bleaches and lightening agents. We also recommend if possible finding a wood that naturally matches the look and color you desire, that will speed up your staining and finishing time greatly.

Cabinet Door Styles

There are literally endless styles of custom cabinet doors. You are only limited by your imagination. Cabinet doors can be made in a very basic flat slab design, which is nothing more than a flat piece of wood. There are also inset panel cabinet doors, raised panel doors, bead board, vee groove, arched top, applied moulding, the list goes on. So whether you’re planning a large scale cabinet refacing project for you whole house, or just a simple update to that hall bathroom vanity, new custom cabinet doors may just be the right solution for you.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinet doors are always going to be the very first thing you see when walking into just about any kitchen. Depending on the style of kitchen cabinet doors you currently have you may well be a very good candidate for replacing those cabinet doors with brand new ones. During the course of our lives the kitchen area and especially the cabinet doors get a lot of abuse. Not to mention they are subjected to steam, humidity, food splatters, oils, just to name a few. But your kitchen cabinet doors do not need to look worn out and shabby. They can be relatively easy to replace with a few basic tools you will be well on your way to a brand new look to your kitchen.

New kitchen cabinet doors can be custom built to fit your kitchen cabinets exactly. There really is no way to find stock cabinet doors. More specifically there are no such thing as stock sized cabinet doors that you can purchase for an aftermarket application. All cabinet manufacturers build cabinet doors to fit the cabinet boxes and face frame for their cabinets. So for the most part you will have to have your new kitchen cabinet doors built to fit your kitchen cabinets. This is a very easy process.

New Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors are typically the first thing you see when you walk into a kitchen space. Cabinet doors can say a lot about the design and style of your kitchen. By simply replacing your cabinet doors you can make a drastic change in the look of your kitchen cabinets. With all of the various styles available for cabinet doors, the possibilities are virtually endless. Cabinet doors can be made in an economical paint grade style door, all the way up to high end Sapele, and Walnut cabinet doors.

Cabinet doors can be divided up into several categories. The first most basic style of cabinet door is the flat slab cabinet door. This type of door is very simple, just a basic slab or glue up of several boards of your chosen wood, sanded flat. Edge detailing can be added to give the door some additional visual interest. Although this door may be considered plain by some, it does have a very clean minimalist appearance, as well a more modern European look. The next category is the inset or recessed cabinet doors. These inset panel cabinet doors feature an inset panel that is flat and set in, or recessed from the front face of the door. Usually these type of cabinet doors have a small inner edge bead detail where the wooden frame and the panel meet, in some cases the doors are joined with a simple tongue and groove joint with no inner edge bead detail, this is typically called the Shaker style cabinet door.

Next we have the raised panel cabinet door. This door has a raised center panel, this panel is typically ¾” thick and the edges are shaped to fit into the inner edge groove detail. Once the panel is placed into the groove and the door glued together the panel sits flush with the face of the door. In centuries past the raised panel door was actually the back side of what was commonly displayed in furniture or case work. The shaped panel was usually crudely shaped with hand planes in order to fit into the door frame groove so only a flat panel was displayed into the room. Only later as did hand planes become more elaborate did the raised panel become an item of beauty up for display on the front of furniture. The last in cabinet door categories is the applied moulding cabinet door. This type of door can actually be either an inset or a raised panel door, but with the exception of a small moulding that is applied on the inner edge where the panel meets the stiles and rails of the cabinet door.

Those are the four main categories for cabinet doors. Of course all of these designs can have various styles of center panel options, such as flat or inset, bead board, vee groove, and raised panel. Also almost any style can be made from affordable paint grade materials to offer maximum cost savings for those that want the painted look. Which ever style you decide to go with for your kitchen remodel you can be assured there are plenty of designs that should be able to accommodate your design taste and décor style

New Replacement Custom Cabinet Doors

Candice from Fort Worth, Texas Writes: Recently this summer, I was looking to remodel my kitchen. More of just an update. I didnt want to go through the hassle and expense of completely gutting out the kitchen cabinets and installing new countertops, etc. So we got several estimates from various local contractors and determined that they were too expensive. We even called out several refacing companies and found out their prices were higher than contractors, some were simply outrageous. So, we decided to take this on as a do it yourself project. We have done various do it yourself projects in the past. So, we determined that this would be within the scope of our abilities. First, we begin by measuring all of the doors and door fronts to get an initial cost on our custom cabinet door order. The cabinet door boxes were in good enough condition that we could reuse them, but the cabinet door hinges were old and did not keep the doors aligned with each other and were the non adjustable type, so we knew we were going to have to get new ones. With a little research, we found that we can order European 35mm cabinet door hinges already drilled into the door and they would arrive along with new doors. Our original door style was a raised panel oak had been repainted. Now, we decided to update it with a paint grade shaker style door. These doors are very affordable and make a great do it yourself project. Our current cabinet cases luckily were built with plywood probably dating back to sometime in the 1980′s. Once we received our new replacement custom cabinet doors, we simply hung them on the cabinet frames and a few hours of carefully painting and it looks like we spent thousands on new custom cabinets.

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